Pregnancy: Week 40

Saturday, July 22, 2017 – Monday, July 24, 2017

This week started out as more of the same.  I was in pain, having problems sleeping for more than a few hours at a time, and very ready for things to end.  My mom had been calling me daily for weeks to ask about updates.  I texted my dad and my sisters every day or two, just to let them know that there was no progress.  I had contractions on and off.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
At night the contractions increased in intensity, but not to the point the doctor said she was looking for.  I had to wait until they were difficult to talk through.  They had not reached that point.   However, they were coming every 2-5 minutes, so I decided to go to the hospital.  At least this time, they contractions were showing up on their equipment.  However, this time my blood pressure was high.  Like 158/80 high.  Because of my blood pressure, they decided to keep me there.  Because I was already having contractions, they  said they’d give me a few hours to see if they would progress.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
The contractions didn’t progress.  I was still 1 cm dilated around 6am. They decided to induce me.  A few hours later I was still having mild contractions and I was still 1cm dilated.  They decided to put a Foley balloon up there because it would help me dilate.  It was painful to insert and I had to just sit around and wait for 12 hours before they could remove it.

Thankfully, I had a lot of family there.  My mom and stepdad, my dad and stepmom, and my mother-in-law all kept us company.  We played card games and hung out while we waited.  Finally at about 10pm, they came and took out the Foley balloon.  I had expected something to happen, like someone to check my dilation, but they just took it out and left, so we, my husband and I, went to sleep.

Thursday, July 27, 2017
I got up early, showered, and got our stuff packed.  They were moving us back to the labor and delivery room to get induced again.  The plan was for them to start the induction around 7 or 8am.  However, all of their labor and delivery rooms were full.  Finally, around 11am, I got a room. When the doctor went to check my dilation, it was still at 1cm.  I was frustrated and angry.  what was the purpose of taking almost an entire day for the Foley balloon if it did nothing!?  They raised the level of the Pitocin by 2 every half hour to hour.  The contractions started getting more intense, but not to the point where it was uncomfortable.  We hung out more with our families.  Finally, when they got the Pitocin up to 14, the pain started to become unbearable.  At every contraction, I was in the fetal position, eyes closed, clutching my stress ball for dear life.  I called for an epidural.  The doctor came and said they couldn’t give it to me because I was still only 1cm dilated.  As she was checking, I had a contraction and it opened up to 3cm while I was having it, then it closed back up. She decided I was dilated enough for an epidural.

It seemed like it took them a long time to get the anesthesiologist there.  The epidural itself was painful, but the relief was SWEET!  I could feel the pressure of the contractions, but not the pain.  I could sort of move one leg and the other was immobile.  Again, I got to be hopeful as I dilated to 5cm.  Then the doctor came in to explain that the baby’s heart rate was flat, not peaking or dipping, but staying the same whenever I had a contraction.  That didn’t sound like a bad thing to me, but it was apparently bad.  It happened enough to the point where they recommended a C-section.

I was scared to have the C-section and requested to be put out for it.  Unfortunately, they don’t do that because it would put out the baby as well.  I asked for about 10-15 minutes with my husband.  He was afraid that I was going to die.  I promised him I wouldn’t, but he made me decide what would happen if I did.  I told him he would have to promise to take care of our son.  We both cried and told each other that we loved each other.  It didn’t feel like we had enough time together when they came back into the room.  Then they told us that there was an emergency C-section that had to go before us.  We had to wait some more.  We both calmed down a bit and just enjoyed each other’s company.  I was in and out of consciousness; not from the drugs, but from general exhaustion.  I kept falling a sleep for seconds or minutes at a time and waking back up.  They had also turned up the epidural in preparation for my surgery, so I felt nothing from the waist down.

It finally came time for the surgery.  My husband held my hand and a big sheet wall was placed between me and my lower body.  I was shaking with cold.  Or was it fear?  Either way, I was assured that my lower body was still. I couldn’t believe it, but I managed to sleep on and off throughout the surgery as well.  Then I heard a doctor say, “Oh boy!  He’s a big one!”  A minute or two later, I heard a cry.  My son was out and he was crying!  They dropped the sheet enough for me to see him and I started to cry.  I was in and out of sleep again as they cleaned him up, weighed him, and handed him to my husband.  They also took him away for some measurements and my husband reluctantly went with them.  He wanted to stay with me, worried about how my body dealt with the surgery.  Our baby was 10lbs 1 oz and 22 inches long!  We named him Lawrence after my father.



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