Pregnancy: Week 35

Saturday June 17 – Friday June 23, 2017

I am starting to get more and more exhausted.  Thankfully, there wasn’t much left to do on my end-of-the-year checklist.  My last day was Thursday and the whole week was full of half days.  Regardless, it was difficult for me to get up for work on time.  When I got home from work, I wanted to do nothing by sleep.  I haven’t been eating much because I’ve been getting bad acid and I feel like my stomach doesn’t have much room in it for food.

I went to the doctor and got an ultrasound.  It turns out that he was at over 4.5lbs at the beginning of this week!  I got a lot of comments from coworkers asking me to let them know when he arrives.  Most of them thought I would go early because I’m so big.  Well, we’ll see!  I’m just grateful to have the time to rest and relax now that school is done! I couldn’t imagine having to work for another month yet!


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