Pregnancy: Week 38

Saturday, July 8 – Friday, July 14, 2017

I spent most of the week laying around the apartment and working on my various knitting projects.  At this point, I’m feeling bigger and heavier every day.  He’s taking up so much room that I can no longer sit up straight without feeling like I’m squishing him.  I’m also increasingly hungry.  I get up in the middle of the night to both pee and eat.  It hurts more to walk every day.  I am starting to look forward to labor as an end to the pain.

On Friday, I started getting mild contractions.  It just felt like a tightening of my uterus every so often.  There was no pain and they were about 10-20 minutes apart.  I was hoping that they would increase in frequency and intensity and I’d go into labor.  Instead, I fell asleep around midnight on Friday night.


Pregnancy: Week 37

Saturday July 1 – Friday July 7, 2017

I found out that I am officially full-term this week.  That means if the baby were to come, he should be okay in all respects!  I did my best to try and prepare my apartment and everything else for his eventual arrival.  I completed almost everything on my to-do list.  This took almost all week because I had little to no energy on most days.  I would complete an item, then nap.  Then wake up and complete another item.  I know my husband is getting annoyed doing all the work, but because I do get up and do some things when I can, he’s become more understanding about it than he was during the first trimester.

Now that most things are done, I have been just making sure to lay down, rest, and relax as much as I can.  Every week it seems to get more painful to move and walk, but the end is in sight.  He will come when he’s ready.

Pregnancy: Week 36

Saturday June 24 – Friday June 30, 2017

Even though our doctor didn’t recommend a travel ban, we decided this would be the last week we did some traveling.  We went to a hiking event.  It was good to see friends again and I’m feeling less and less inhibited about hanging out with the people there.  It probably helped that my ex-husband was there alone and seemed largely ignored by the world at large!  Maybe it’s vindictive of me, but I was glad to see him get what I thought he deserved while I always was surrounded by friends and acquaintances.

We went swimming a few times.  It felt blissful on my pregnant belly.  It hurts my pelvis to move my hips for any reason now.  That could be to adjust my position when laying down; it could be to move from laying to sitting or sitting to standing; it could even mean that it hurt to walk.  However, the weightlessness that comes from being in the water lifted all the weight of my belly off of my pelvis and it felt amazing!

I feel like I’m losing a bit of weight, but the scale has remained the same.  I guess that means that our baby is growing while I’m shrinking.  I wonder if has to do with the change in thyroid numbers.  Well, I’ll take it.  Slightly over 50lbs was enough weight gain for someone like me who was already heavy to begin with!

Pregnancy: Week 35

Saturday June 17 – Friday June 23, 2017

I am starting to get more and more exhausted.  Thankfully, there wasn’t much left to do on my end-of-the-year checklist.  My last day was Thursday and the whole week was full of half days.  Regardless, it was difficult for me to get up for work on time.  When I got home from work, I wanted to do nothing by sleep.  I haven’t been eating much because I’ve been getting bad acid and I feel like my stomach doesn’t have much room in it for food.

I went to the doctor and got an ultrasound.  It turns out that he was at over 4.5lbs at the beginning of this week!  I got a lot of comments from coworkers asking me to let them know when he arrives.  Most of them thought I would go early because I’m so big.  Well, we’ll see!  I’m just grateful to have the time to rest and relax now that school is done! I couldn’t imagine having to work for another month yet!

Pregnancy: Week 34

Saturday, June 10, 2017
I drove to go to my middle school’s graduation ceremony (they have split my job between the elementary and middle schools in my district).   I waddled down the aisle to the front where the teachers are kept on display.  About halfway through the ceremony, the baby started shoving his head up against my bladder.  Repeatedly.  I felt like I was going to burst, but there was no good way for me to get up and sneak out to use the bathroom.  It took every ounce of willpower to not pee myself.  Once it was over, I practically ran to the nearest bathroom!

Kyle and I spent the rest of the day going food shopping and running various errands.

Sunday, June 11, 2017
Kyle and I went to return Chandra’s computer.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember her password and didn’t want her files erased, so there was nothing that Kyle could to fix it.  She didn’t seem to understand when I explained it to her, so Kyle got out of the car and explained the exact same thing to her.  He mentioned later that she was awfully sexist to believe him but not me.  I guess it never occurred to me.  She kept trying to get me to come back and help her, but I really had no desire to do so at this point.

Kyle and I ran more errands and then spent the evening together.

Monday, June 12 – Friday June 16, 2017

I spent the entire time just waiting for the week to end.  Some days I had enough energy to tackle the end-of-school-year-checklist I needed to complete.  Some days, I just sat and stared off into space when I wasn’t attempting to teach.  I realized that either my standards for student behavior have gone way up lately or I’m meaner or bitchier to them.  Honestly, it seems like they’re acting up worse lately, but that could just be my perception.  I just couldn’t wait for the end of the week because next week I only have half days!