Pregnancy: Week 28

Week 28 – I tried to catch up on sleep this week, but failed.  I spent most of the time just trying to catch up on everything that I had put off last week with all of the rehearsals.  I hope to catch up on sleep soon.  I’ve been tired a lot, but at least the stress component is gone!  I have been busy, but hopefully there is an end in sight!

I also seem to be obviously pregnant to even the casual observer now.  I have had several parents ask me about my pregnancy.  Several asked if I was going to have twins.  Several commented about how it was going to be a big baby.  I had a few confidently tell me I wasn’t going to last until the end of the school year.  I finally got in the habit of telling people I was just carrying big before the comments started as I was starting to lose my patience.  Why does everyone feel the need to comment on the size of my belly!?


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