Pregnancy: Week 26

Saturday, April 15, 2017
It was nice to be able to sleep in today, even though I didn’t sleep particularly late.  Everyone at Kyle’s mother’s house is a night owl, so I enjoyed a nice quiet couple of hours while I finished my latest knitting project.  When everyone got up, Kyle and I went to get his hair cut, ate lunch out, and bought some food to make dinner for his family.

We made a dinner that was a little too filling.  Then I forced myself to stay awake so I could hang out with Kyle and his mom and get to know her better.  The two of them drank and I forced myself to stay awake and act sociable.  Around midnight, I was too exhausted and went to bed.  I asked Kyle to take my shoes off and he noticed that one of my feet was blue.  It was cold, all the way up to my calf.  He rubbed it until color and warmth came back into it.  He said it was normal, but when I googled it later, I couldn’t find anything other than a mention of it on a few message boards.  And on the message boards, it always was accompanied by swelling.  Well, I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, so I’ll ask about it then!

Sunday, April 16, 2017
I awoke late and groggy.  We had a breakfast brunch with Kyle’s parents, aunt, and cousin.  I enjoyed myself, but I was feeling very off, so I ended up spending most of the time they were there laying on the couch and contributing to the conversation as best as I could.

After they left, Kyle and I decided to take a nap.  I must have needed it more than I thought, because I didn’t even hear Kyle’s mom wake us up the first time for Easter dinner.  The second time, she managed to break through my muddled sleep.  I got up and ate with them, but we were very groggy.

Afterwards, we went to visit Zak and Danielle and two of Kyle’s friends.  We stayed later than I would have liked, but it was good getting to see and spend time with friends!

Monday, April 17, 2017
I had a dream last night.  I dreamed that I was visiting my dad in Florida.  We were swimming, but all of a sudden the temperature dropped and the wind picked up.  I looked out and you could see storm clouds on the horizon.  My step-mom mentioned the possibility of rain, but my dad and her got into a debate about it.  By the time we were on the beach picking up our stuff, the first drops had begun to fall.  We quickly ran off of the beach onto a raised concrete veranda of a nearby condo.  We watched as the water rose and quickly turned into gigantic waves, taking out houses and washing them away as we watched.  The waves got higher and higher and started making their way to the veranda we were standing on.  I felt the concrete of the building move under our feet and suggested we go further inland.

The next part of the dream was like something out of an action movie.  We ran in the lee of the condo where the water had not yet penetrated much, but the other side had a small river running.  There was a partially submerged house, so I ran and jumped on the roof.  I ran from roof to roof until we got to a place with dry pavement.  We continued to run until we thought we were safe enough inland.  We found another sturdily build condominium and ran up the stairs until we got about a third of the way up.  We picked a random door and pounded on it, asking for help and refuge.  The lady who lived there was kind and let us in.  She made us food.  We were sitting around the table with some other refugees when I felt a slight lurch in the building that suggested that the water caught up with us.  I looked out of the window and saw that the top section of the building was about to fall off.  I dove out of the window into the water.  I was lucky to miss the debris falling on top of me.  I swam around to the other side (that’s where the current was taking me anyway) and saw the section of the building containing my dad and step-mom splash into the water.  I could see the navy training my dad had hadn’t left him.  He quickly emerged from the water and quickly went back in for my step-mom.

We ran some more until I couldn’t breathe anymore.  Then we walked for a while so I could catch my breath.  Finally, we came upon an apartment building.  There was nobody home, so my dad broke into an apartment.  A few other refugees followed us.  We again sat down to some food when I realized that the water had yet again found us.  I told my dad that I just couldn’t run forever.  I decided to get to a dry section of land where I could call a cab and go to the airport.

Because I flew home a day earlier than I had intended and my phone’s charger had been left there, I had no way to contact Kyle to let him know that I was coming home.  I also knew that he had had a large party for all of our hiking friends the week before.  So now Tim, my gaslighting ex-husband, knew I was living there again and he had a key.  I didn’t want to go home to those circumstances.  I stopped by Zak and Danielle’s house, since they’re the kind of people who would welcome me no matter what time I stopped by.  However, their house was already full with guests.  I had to either sleep on a giant bean bag or the floor.  I tried, but couldn’t sleep.  I chatted with Danielle for a little bit, trying to get tired.  It turned out that Tim had moved nearby again.  He had also posted a picture to Facebook with all of my sex toys that he found while he was at my house for that party.  I hadn’t seen it because I had blocked him.  I decided sleep wasn’t going to happen, so Zak drove me to my house.  He parked down the street and checked the parking.  There were a number of cars there, but they could have belonged to the frat house next door.

We had just gone in the basement entrance, to start at the bottom and work our way up in our search for Tim.  There were two girls down there drinking.  Kyle walked downstairs completely naked with a dog on a leash.  He looked at me, completely startled to see me, and thanked the girls for their use of the dog.   I couldn’t imagine why he would be completely naked and wondered if he had cheated on me while I was gone.

That was the end of the dream.  I woke up feeling very emotional and rather suspicious of his fidelity.  I told him about the dream and he commented on the weirdness of my dreams.  I was in a bit of a dream-induced daze for the entire lengthy drive home.  As per the instructions of the internet, I stopped and got out and walked every hour.  It added an extra hour or two to my lengthy trip.

When we got home, my legs, feet, and ankles felt funny, so I took a bath.  Our bathtub isn’t huge, so I was really only able to fit my legs in below the water line.  When I got out, my thighs felt weirder, kind of tingly.  I asked Kyle and he said that my legs were swollen all the way up to my thighs.  He immediately made me lay down and raised my legs with pillows.   The problem was it hurt to lay on my back (and I believe I’m not supposed to at this point anyway.  I laid on my side and tried to raise my feet as high above my head as possible.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
We went to my doctor’s appointment.  We had another gynecologist today.  We had tried to schedule appointments with all of them to ensure that we’d get to know all of the ones in the group before the birth.  We will be getting whoever is on call, so I wanted to at least know each of them a little bit ahead of time.  I liked this one.  I asked about the swelling and blue foot.  She said if it’s not a consistent problem, then we shouldn’t worry about it.  Everything was normal, including my blood pressure, urine, etc.  She mentioned that my free T4  was low (which was a thyroid number gotten at my last lab).

Afterwards, he had work and I just relaxed and watched movies for a little while.  I didn’t feel like I had the energy to do anything. I also figured with everything that had been going on, I should just take it easy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
I had an interview in the morning for another art teaching job.  It’s just too expensive where we live right now to live off of one income with a baby.  I thought it went well.  When I got home in the evening, I was asked to return for a second interview on Friday.  I would be teaching an art class in front of the interview committee.  This sort of thing is not uncommon in teaching, but I’ve never had the pleasure of doing it.  It will be tough to get together a good lesson plan with all of the criteria that they wanted to see in my lesson with less than two days in advance.  I will do my best, of course.

Thursday, April 20, 2017
I spent the day at work.  I had to come in to do some special work for the principal.  I tried to come up with a good lesson plan when I was free to think about it, but I really came up with nothing.  When I went to bed, I started to get worried.  I really couldn’t come up with anything good.  There were plenty of things I could teach and plenty of go-to lessons.  The problem was they asked for a lot of specific things that they wanted included in the lesson.  The one thing that really pissed me off was that they wanted Common Core stuff included in the lesson.  There is no Common Core for art.  So basically all they see my subject as is a supplement to the fucking “core” subjects.  Like art isn’t important enough on its own. Unfortunately, this is way too common these days.  I have a BS stock answer that I give when they ask how I implement Common Core in my classroom.  However, I don’t go out of my way to teach other subjects.  That’s the other teachers’ job.

Friday, April 21, 2017
I had my second interview today.  I taught a half hour lesson.  I looked at the reaction of the interview committee at the end, but none of their faces were terribly easy to read.  I thought it went really well.  I was told that I would be called sometime next week to be informed if I got the job or not.  I’m feeling pretty optimistic, though!


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