Pregnancy: Week 24

Saturday, April 1, 2017
I guess my nesting instinct was alive and well. I continued to finish straightening up and arrange the nook of our bedroom where are keeping the baby stuff. Kyle wasn’t feeling well, so he called in to work. We mostly just hung out in the evening, compiled a food shopping list, and watched movies as I napped intermittently

Sunday, April 2, 2017
I woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I applied for a few jobs, but really didn’t feel up to doing any kind of fancy applications, even though there were a few of them.

The hospital I will be delivering at finally had an opening to do a tour. We saw the labor room and I got to ask some questions that I had. Many of my coworkers had delivered there and said so many good things about it that I had really expected something exceptional. To be honest, it looked like a hospital. There was nothing terribly exceptional about it, but at least we got it done! We now know our way around there and how to get there, which was important.

We ran a few errands afterwards, but I started to not feel well and got tired so we went home before completing the grocery shopping. I tried to go to bed early, but only succeeded in going to bed earlier than on previous nights.

Monday, April 3, 2017
I spent most of the day driving. I drove to my job interview and then drove back. The interview seemed to go quite well. I thought that it was a good sign that they asked about any other interviews I had. Even so, I thought it was a bit odd that they asked where else I had applied. Another thing that was odd was that when one of the interviewers came to get me, she took one look at me, said, “You’re pregnant! Did you tell us that on the phone?” I had not, and as far as I know, the interviewer asking any questions about pregnancy during an interview is illegal.

As I drove back, my cold started feeling worse and I got more progressively tired. I had planned to do some food shopping when I got home, but all that happened was I went home and went to sleep.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017
I slept horribly last night. I kept waking up needing to blow my nose. I apparently hit the snooze on my alarm clock for over two hours this morning. When I finally woke up enough to even be cognizant enough to realize what was going on, I noticed that it was already light outside. I had about 15 minutes to leave or I would be late for work.

I felt horrible, but I had to go in to work today. I needed to save my sick days for interviews. I had my students watching art videos again. I felt like I should teach them, but felt so crappy, that’s all I really could do. I could have fallen asleep at any point in time today.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
I woke up late today. It was about 30 minutes after I usually would have left for work. I arrived with only a few minutes to spare. I was so tired and out of it, I really didn’t get a whole lot of work done.

My cold was starting to feel better, but I was so tired I almost fell asleep I a few of my classes while they were watching art documentaries. I think I am finally getting used to my size though.

It’s interesting. I spent my first trimester with no energy, waiting for the nausea to end and waiting for the day when I had a significantly reduced chance of miscarriage. My second trimester was full of announcements. I spent my time waiting for the first feeling of movement. Once that happened, I waited for the third trimester. That way, even if the baby were born early, it would still have a good chance of living. I wonder what my third trimester will bring. Will I just spend it watching myself grow bigger, waiting for the day the baby is ready to arrive?

Thursday, April 6, 2017
I woke up at 2:30am to use the bathroom, but I never got back to sleep. Work was thankfully easy due to an assembly for two of my classes and two others were on a field trip. I still had a difficult time focusing. I’m not typically one to have my sleep schedule disrupted.   I’ve always been a good sleeper and have been making sleep a priority in my life. This week has been particularly tough. I hope it won’t last.

The acid in my throat returned today. It was uncomfortable and I couldn’t get it to go away. Tums stopped working a few weeks ago. I suppose it was my own fault for eating a breakfast of bagels and orange juice. I will really need to amend my diet to accommodate for this new development. It really seems like that as soon as I learn to deal with another uncomfortable aspect of pregnancy, another one comes to take its place.

Friday, April 7, 2017
I woke up about 15 minutes after I usually leave for work again. I don’t understand why I keep sleeping so late. I have been going to bed on time too. I wanted nothing more than for the work day to be over. Of course, in the irony that is life, it was rather long and the students were poorly behaved and wouldn’t focus.

When I got home, I don’t even remember what I spent my time doing. I fell asleep quite early watching a movie. Kyle woke me up around 11 to make me take my pre-natal vitamins and go to bed. I was just so happy to be able to sleep!


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