Pregnancy: Week 20

Saturday March 4, 2017
It’s difficult to believe that I’m now halfway through the pregnancy. My belly is quite large and round already. I’m starting to worry about how much bigger I’m going to get and how my body is going to handle it! I drove an hour away to the nearest reliable mechanic I had at the last place I lived.

They fixed my brakes. I needed new pads and rotors and asked for an estimate for my oxygen sensor. The second one put in by the other mechanic clearly was broken too. I suspected that it might be something else that was the problem, but didn’t know what. It turns out that the oxygen sensor is supposed to be a part from the dealer and that the knock off version wouldn’t work. He said he’d get an estimate and get back to me, but that the part was probably going to be about $300. He also said that I needed new lower control arms. That struck me as odd because I had supposedly had a control arm replaced about a year ago. I felt like I wanted to cry. I didn’t know if this mechanic was messing with me or the one I bought the control arm from was ripping me off. I hate not being able to trust people and it’s even worse when you don’t even know who you can trust. With so many reputable businesses around, why couldn’t someone come up with a reputable mechanic chain!?\

When I got home, Kyle treated me to a movie and then I treated him to dinner. It was nice getting to spend time doing something other than my to-do list, but I would much rather have spent it at home sleeping or cuddling with him.

Sunday March 5, 2017
I had to go to work for a few hours today for an open house, but it was a poor choice of date because few parents came. Those that did come had no need to talk to me, so I was able to spend the whole time getting some stuff done. I was starting to feel pretty happy about my to-do list. I updated my resume and even applied to a few jobs. There were two that I needed to fill out an actual application and print up resumes for, so those would have to wait. I decided to set aside time next Sunday to do those.

After I got home, I dropped Kyle off to work and then drove to my mom’s house. I had plans with her to wash all of the baby clothes I got so they would be clean and ready for the baby when it comes. I think she enjoyed looking at the baby clothes more than I did! She helped me remove the tags and especially seemed to enjoy folding the teeny tiny clothes. She also made dinner and I enjoyed myself working on puzzles with them in between loads! I got so caught up in the puzzle that I was a little late in leaving to pick up Kyle from work!

Monday March 6, 2017
Today my principal finally decided to talk to me about the problem with the dance production dates. She clearly had expected me to relent and do whatever she asked me to do. I had absolutely no intention of doing so. She threatened to only pay me half of the money I was promised. I told her that I wouldn’t do the dance production at all if that were the case. I had set up another date with the venue in case she wanted to have a different performance as an alternative.

I knew digging in my heels was the right thing to do. I was glad that I was looking for another job.


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