Pregnancy: Week 16

Saturday February 4, 2017
I got up early and took my car to the new mechanic.  I sat there for about an hour and half working on my knitting.  The final total was $10 less than was estimated.  As I drove away, I was happy just to see the check engine light was off for the first time in months!

Kyle and I decided to go to a winter hiking gathering.  On my way there, my chI wasn’t up for much hiking since I get winded doing smaller things than hiking.  I guess I’m breathing for two!  We decided to go because there were a bunch of bonfires and a cookout in addition to the hike.  The food was delicious, but I didn’t expect to see Tim and his girlfriend there.  I should have been prepared for the pain in my heart I get every time I see him.  At least talking to him keeps him from hurting me further.  Kyle, who knew him a bit, wasn’t deterred from talking to him.  I hung out with some friends and knitted while they talked. Tim congratulated Kyle on our marriage.  Apparently someone saw the pictures on Facebook, but didn’t read the captions! And nobody had informed Tim of my pregnancy.  Several of our mutual friends knew, so it was surprising that nobody had told him. I was wearing a very shapeless dress, so it wasn’t obvious.

I was determined to have a good time at this event to show myself and the world that Tim wouldn’t ruin my fun.  Kyle commented on how much I was smiling all day long, but I didn’t explain why.  I attempted to go for a short hike, but was so winded that Kyle had to walk me back to the bonfire area and talked me out of doing any further hiking until after the pregnancy is over.  All in all, it was a good day!

Sunday February 5, 2017
Kyle and I attended a childbirth class today.  Apparently in the past, these classes were held over a series of evenings.  This was a one day only class.  They covered a lot of topics in a short period of time.  One thing that really stuck out for me is that while many people say they were in labor for 18 or 24 hours, usually the first 8 hours at least consist of some short, mild contractions that have a fair amount of time in between.  The whole point is to gradually get the cervix to open wide enough to give birth.  There is a magic number where they won’t even really admit you into a room until you’re dilated enough.

I also learned that the actual part of pregnancy where you’re actually pushing lasts maybe 30 minutes.  I’m still afraid of the pain, but I’m feeling a bit calmer about it.  I still have a long time before I actually give birth.  Almost everyone else in the class was in their third trimester and were due in March and April except for one who was expecting twins in May and was likely to give birth early anyway.  I felt a bit out place, but I was happy to cross one more thing off of my list of things to do before the baby arrives.

One thing that I was disappointed about was that while there was mention of breathing techniques, none were actually taught.  Thankfully, all of my meditation training will come in handy.  Even so, I was unsure if there’s a right way to do it and I still feel pretty unsure.

Monday February 6, 2017
I had an appointment with my new primary care physician.  While I waited, I looked at some of the flyers in the room.  There was a recommended reading list and I was familiar with half of the books on there and had read and enjoyed three of them!  It made me feel like I was in the right place.  Then I discovered that they had me down for an annual exam (a.k.a. a pap smear), which we both found amusing considering I’m pregnant!  I had a long list of symptoms on the sheet they had me fill out when I first arrived.  I had explained to the nurse that most of them were because of the hypothyroidism and pregnancy.  She had not told the doctor that.  The doctor seemed visibly relieved that I was only there because of my back/hip problems.  She checked to see if it affected my muscles or any tingling and numbness.  Because it didn’t and she couldn’t take an x-ray she could only offer me advice. She recommended me sleeping with pillows to elevate my legs to allow for a more comfortable hip and back position and suggested taking whatever my gynecologist recommended for pain.

Tuesday February 7, 2017
I discovered that now that everyone at work knows I’m pregnant, everyone asks “how are you feeling?”  That’s apparently the standard question for pregnant women.  I didn’t mind it, but I have no complaints and everything is going well so far!


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