Pregnancy Week 14

Saturday January 21, 2017
I had all of these grand plans for today.  I was going to organize stuff.  Get rid of stuff.  Clean stuff.  And I did absolutely nothing.  I laid on the couch all day, watched various episodes of a TV show on Netflix, and napped intermittently.  I felt really bad because I really wanted to feel well enough to accomplish things, but it just didn’t happen today.  I know Kyle is getting frustrated with my lack of ability to help out and I wanted to do something to counter that, but today I just couldn’t.

Sunday January 22, 2017
I’m not sure what quite came over me today.  I awoke feeling nauseous, but it faded.  Kyle and I decided to go ice skating.  I used to ice skate when I was a kid, so I was pretty confident that I’d do okay.  However, apparently being pregnant threw off my balance, even though I’m not really showing yet.  I was very wobbly and fell twice.  I made sure to land on  my knees because I thought that would have the least damaging impact on the baby during the split second I had to make that decision.  After the second fall, my knee hurt a lot.  I lifted up my pant leg and saw that I was bleeding from an area about the size of a half-dollar.  We went out to dinner and had a good time together.

Monday January 23, 2017
When I woke up, I checked the weather and they were calling for snow.  In fact, on my drive to work it started to slowly snow.  Throughout the day, the snow steadily got heavier.  I was tired and I hurt from ice skating the day before.  I hoped for an early dismissal, but no such luck.  They cancelled the after school programs, but by the time I left there was at least an inch of snow on the roads.  When I got home the snow quickly changed to ice. I called Kyle at work and informed him that I was picking him up early.  I went to bed early.

Tuesday January 24, 2017
I was hoping for a snow day today or at least a delay, but it wasn’t happening.  One thing I’ve been noticing lately is that my lower belly seems to be feeling heavier lately.  There’s no other way to describe it.  I’ve also been feeling random sharp pains.  I looked it up and the internet says that it’s totally normal.  It’s apparently my uterus and muscles stretching to prepare for the fact that the baby is going to be growing.  The pain doesn’t last for a long duration, but it’s still disconcerting.

Wednesday January 25, 2017
Today was an easier day, as Wednesdays often are.  I had bought a pair of maternity jeans this weekend.  We had a casual day for teachers to benefit some cause or other, so I thought I should have some jeans for the occasion.  For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of maternity jeans, just picture the whole zipper area has been cut off, all the way around the jeans and replaced with a stretchy, lycra fabric.  So the denim part of the jeans is hanging around your lower hips, being held up by a fabric designed to accommodate for a large belly which you do not yet possess. Because the heavier denim material is hanging below your hips and ass, there is literally nothing holding it up.  It felt like my pants were falling down throughout the day.  I kept tugging them up, but that really did nothing because the denim part of my jeans were not intended to go over my hips or my ass.  By the end of the day, I was wondering why I bothered to buy maternity jeans at all!

Thursday January 26, 2017
I’m not sure if I’m just low on energy or my priorities are shifting, because work doesn’t seem that important anymore.  It could be that I’m just preparing myself to leave after the school year.  I have already decided that it is a good idea to move elsewhere.  It’s too expensive to live here and even more so on just one paycheck for a family of 3.  Kyle and I had discussed it and he’s going to stay home, do the chores, and look after the baby.   I am grateful to have someone who isn’t worried about the macho crap and is logical enough to realize that what he makes won’t pay for childcare. There are other areas of the state where it’s cheaper to live and we could easily do it on one income, even though I’m by no means wealthy.

Friday January 27, 2017
As always, I am grateful that today is Friday.  It seems that throughout the duration of my pregnancy, I get much more excited for the weekends, no matter what they entail.  I don’t even think I did all that much when I got home, but that seems to be the norm these days.  Where is all of this second trimester energy I keep hearing so much about!?


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