Pregnancy Week 13

Saturday January 14, 2017
I woke up pretty early and then transferred from my bed to the couch.  I found myself sleeping on and off throughout the day.  It’s like I wore myself out throughout the week and I had to rest and heal.  I really didn’t have the energy to do anything today.  I laid there, watched movies that I napped through, and tried not to eat so much food.  I failed miserably and ate a lot.  I really did nothing else.

One thing I forgot to mention about yesterday’s doctor’s appointment was that I gained too much weight too quickly.  Because I’m already “obese” (I personally don’t consider myself obese because I’m not round, I don’t waddle, and I can still get up and down stairs okay), they wanted me to only gain 15-20 pounds throughout the entire pregnancy.  In the last month I gained 15 lbs.  It probably didn’t help that last week I ate so much because I was just really hungry all of the time.  As I laid there, I thought about some of the things I could do to lose the weight.  But wait, was it healthy to lose weight while you’re pregnant?

Sunday January 15, 2017
I got up early and managed to get a few things done before I went over to Chandra’s house today.  I had been cancelling on her at the last minute for over a month because I just felt so sick and tired and dizzy.  I was glad to finally be able to go over there for once. She gave me a Christmas present (a towel from India) and I felt bad that I hadn’t gotten her anything.  I immediately resolved to find something to give her.  We meditated and then I helped her promote her meditation classes online.

I had resolved to tackle my to-do list when I got home, but I ran out of steam and I ended up taking a three hour nap instead. I made my grocery list and contemplated going out to buy groceries, but ended up going back to sleep instead.

I was jolted awake by the sound of my phone ringing.  Kyle had burned himself with hot oil at work.  I picked him up and brought him to the urgent care place, which was closed.  We had to go to the emergency room instead.  He wasn’t burned all that badly.  He wasn’t even blistering.  And because he wasn’t burned badly, we weren’t a priority, so we waited for a few hours to be seen for five minutes and sent home.  We ate and went to bed.

Monday January 16, 2017
I woke up early and went to do laundry.  I got caught up on some other things while I was there. Then I went and dropped off some donation boxes that had been cluttering up our apartment for a while now and went food shopping.  I got home, ate, then went to my endocrinologist’s appointment.

Because my last endocrinologist said she would drop me from her practice if I were pregnant on my specific medication, I found a new one.  She even offered no explanation for it other than stating that I needed to be on a specific name brand.  I had looked online and could find no reason I shouldn’t take my specific medication while pregnant.  In fact, the drug company’s website stated that it was safe to take while pregnant.  So I decided that maybe the drug company was paying her off and either way, I needed to find a new endocrinologist.

My new endocrinologist greeted me warmly and shook my hand.  He explained why it was difficult to treat someone who is pregnant on my current medication.  There are two thyroid hormones that matter with hypothyroidism: T3 and T4.  For whatever reason, most medications are only T4.  The idea/expectation is that once someone has enough T4, they will be able to manufacture enough T3.  However, I only felt better on medications that contained both T4 and T3.  He said that sometime during the pregnancy, usually at the beginning of the third trimester, the thyroid hormones change and the medication needs to be updated.  However, because my medication offers both T3 and T4, it’s difficult to balance because I may need more of one, but not the other.  Finally, an explanation!  Why my old endocrinologist couldn’t say that to me, I don’t know.  The best part was that this new doctor was also willing to try and help me balance things when the time came.  I was extremely happy with him and grateful that he was able to explain some things.  He even made sure to test for T4, T3, and free T4.  Usually endocrinologists test the T4 and that’s it.

When I got home, I wanted to do more things, but again I had run out of energy.  I spent the rest of the night on the couch in front of the TV.

Tuesday January 17, 2017
Being back to work today, I managed to wake up early, do yoga, shower, and even pack a healthy lunch for myself!  I arrived at work and discovered that none of my lesson plans were done.  I came up with some quick easy lessons that allowed me to stay at my desk.  I managed to get several other things done like registering for a childbirth class, making an appointment with a new primary care physician (even though I have a gynecologist and an endocrinologist, I don’t currently have a primary), I caught up on my blog, and I tried to straighten things out with my bill from the lab that I got last week.

I called my insurance company and they only pay 75% of the cost of lab work after a $300 deductible.  If only I had known that, I may not have gotten the NIPT, which costs approximately $1500; 25% of which I am responsible for.  That means another bill of almost $400 plus the other labwork they did in December.  I paid my smaller bill of $5 and started on a payment plan for the other bill I had.  I dreaded getting the others.  I should really keep a running tally of how much this pregnancy is costing me.

I really didn’t get anything done that was work-related.  I still have my lesson plans for the week to do, papers to grade, plus some photocopies to make for some of my classes.  But, but the time school was over, I was exhausted and wondering how I’d manage to drive home.  It’s starting to seem like every day I hit a wall at 3:00pm and just lose all my energy.

When I got home, Kyle wasn’t feeling well.  I cuddled with him for a little while and then fell asleep.  I woke up for an hour or two of intense crankiness, then fell back asleep.

Wednesday January 18, 2017
I awoke early again, wanting to do yoga again.  I got distracted with a game on my computer while I ate my healthy breakfast.  While I was playing, I heard Kyle walk to the bathroom and throw up.  A few minutes later, he did it again.  I guess he has managed to catch the flu that was going around his job.  The flu is going around at work for me too.  It went around the Kindergarten in December.  Now the 1st and 2nd grade has it.  I had decided to refuse the flu shot, even though my gynecologist strongly recommended it.  I know that a flu shot is just an educated guess as to which strain will go around this year.  And I suspect that I have already been exposed to three strains: the kindergarten one, the one Kyle has, and the 1st and 2nd grade one.  In addition to all of that, apparently one of the strains is vaccine-resistant, according to the CDC.  I’m hoping that I don’t catch it.  I don’t need to use up any more sick days this year!

Thursday January 19, 2017
Today was a very long day.  I was not looking forward to it, but I steeled myself and told myself that I would get through it.  It went more quickly than I thought it would.  I was feeling a little off throughout the day, but by the end of the day, I did feel better. I my dance rehearsal went oddly well today. In fact, all of my rehearsals have been doing very well.  It’s almost disconcerting that things are going so well and the kids are learning so quickly.  Even so, I really shouldn’t complain about something that good!

Friday January 20, 2017
I awoke exhausted today.  Every work week seems really long now.  I was told that the second trimester is amazing.  That I’ll have tons of energy and will feel the best ever in my life.  Maybe it’s just because I’m still at the tail end of the first trimester, but I’m really not feeling as great as everyone tells me I should.  When I got home, I laid down on the couch and went right to sleep.


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