Pregnancy Week 9

Saturday December 17
I got nothing accomplished today. I spent my day laying on the couch, watching movies, and napping. I can’t wait for my first trimester to be over. It’s a good thing I’ve always wanted kids, because feeling this poorly might otherwise make me tempted to end things. I doubt I still would, but I feel like I can’t even think straight with the nausea, extreme fatigue, and light-headedness.

Sunday December 18
I forced myself to go out and run errands. I managed to finally get a hold of Linda. She had some books of mine I wanted back. We hung out, but she seemed much more sedated than usual. She also never explained her absence, even though months ago she claimed she would explain everything when I see her in person. I debated throughout the conversation whether or not to tell her about my pregnancy. I chose to. It was a good thing I did because my head started feeling really “off” all of a sudden. She suggested a few mineral deficiencies that I might want to look into.

I researched some of them and the magnesium seemed to fit my symptoms. I went out and bought a supplement willing to give it a try. I did some further research and discovered that it’s a common deficiency with people who suffer from hypothyroidism. Apparently, the body uses magnesium to convert the T4 into T3. If I don’t have enough magnesium, I don’t have enough T3, which is why I felt better with a medication that contained both T4 and T3. Why the hell didn’t my endocrinologist tell me this? Or test me for this? If I can find the information, why couldn’t she!?

I also acquired some more energy later in the day and decided to go shopping for maternity clothes.  I knew nothing about them, so some of my questions probably seemed pretty weird.  I asked if the clothes would last throughout the whole pregnancy or if I needed to level up to bigger clothes as I got bigger.  They said the clothes would accommodate the whole pregnancy.  I had only intended to get two nice dresses including one for the ceremony on Friday.  I walked away with a whole maternity wardrobe.  I had 5 dresses and one shirt and four pairs of leggings.  I supposed I’d need it anyway.  And my clothes were already starting to get too tight.  It’s too early to show, so I guessed that I just must be gaining weight.

Monday December 19
Thankfully, with all of the holidays coming up, I had an easy schedule today. Surprisingly though, I felt somewhat better today. I at least had the energy to get through the day without spending my entire classes sitting down. I could actually get up and circulate the room a bit.

Tuesday, December 20
I had another easy day today. I was still feeling better with more energy. Clearly the magnesium is working. I am really annoyed with my endocrinologist for either not knowing or not recommending the magnesium. It’s entirely possible it’s a pregnancy thing, but then wouldn’t my gynecologist be the one who should know? Either way, I’m glad I know now and annoyed that I didn’t know sooner.

Of course, at the last minute, my principal cornered me and told me I needed to decorate the school and the auditorium for the winter concert tomorrow. I ended up staying really late at work to get it done. By the time I got home, I went right to sleep.

Wednesday, December 21
Today was another long day at work. My students were clearly already in vacation mode, at least they were acting pretty crazily in class. Then during my free periods, my principal came and critiqued the decorations that I stayed so late to make and put up yesterday. I spent a fair amount of time “fixing” them today. Then, it is required of all the teachers to stay and help out with the concert at night. It was just two nights in a row staying late at work and I was exhausted.

When I got home, I fell into bed and went right to sleep again.

Thursday December 22
I was exhausted today. I had my students do color by numbers and free-draws during class today. That left me free to sit at my desk and just watch them. I think I nodded off a couple of times, but thankfully, I don’t think that any of them noticed. I couldn’t wait until the day was over so I could just go home and go to sleep.

I told a couple of people that my boyfriend and I had decided to get married over the break. I decided that faking a marriage was probably the best bet at saving my job. My boyfriend agreed. We even staged a ceremony for tomorrow where we just pledged to stay together for the next year. I could handle that kind of a commitment at least! However, the music teacher seemed remarkably astute. She also told me that I look pregnant. To cover, I asked if she was calling me fat. I figured that would make her shut up. Instead, she told me that I was glowing.   I told her it was my makeup (I often use makeup to cover the fact that I’m tired and have circles under my eyes). When she heard that I was getting married, she said she would start a collection for a gift card for us. She’s smart because that’s the best way to circulate the knowledge without having to do it directly myself. That would avoid a lot of awkward questions as well. I’m glad she was so smart and felt bad for lying, but I have to protect my job.

Even though I got home from work at 4:30pm, I went to bed and didn’t wake up again until the next morning.

Friday December 23
When I woke up, I was still tired, but I had many things to do. I had scheduled an oil change for my car. Kyle and I had to pick up a few props for our “wedding” later. I had bought a nice dress, but today I had appointments to do my hair and my nails. We had also bought some cheap rings on with the idea that if we really got married in the future, we’d upgrade the rings. For a fake marriage, we really put in a lot of work.

We had a few friends and my mom and step-dad there. We pledged to stay together for the next year and a bunch of other things about working out our problems, not being quick to anger, and that we would part as friends if it didn’t work out. All in all, it was a good ceremony, presided over by Rebecca, who can legally marry people. We celebrated and then went home and slept.


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