Pregnancy Week 7

Saturday December 3
I awoke at the spiritual retreat with my roommate for the early morning meditation.  I went back to sleep and slept through the first session of the class.  I felt really nauseous throughout the day.  There was one point where I felt like I was going to throw up, but I still didn’t.  I wondered if perhaps I could make myself throw up the nausea would go away. I didn’t want to find out badly enough, however, because I never forced it.  I wanted to go on the nature walk with them in the afternoon, but I just wanted to sleep.  I took a nap, but still ended up nauseous in the evening too.  It was really nice not to have any responsibilities.  I also enjoyed the meditation.

One thing that surprised me was the number of people that chatted with me throughout the day.  Usually, I don’t end up connecting with many people at those retreats.  Typically, I have always been a bit of a loner, so it didn’t bother me too much.  However, I found myself pretty popular during meal times and breaks where we can talk.

Sunday December 4
My roommate and I awoke for the 4am meditation again.  I went back to the room to sleep, but found my roommate packing up.  I felt bad for my Spanish-speaking roommate who was still attempting to sleep.  Since the one roommate was already up and making noise, I figured the kindest thing I could do was pack up and get out of there as soon as possible.  I managed it in about 10 minutes.  When I left, she still had a lot more left to pack.  I ended up chatting with a woman about many different topics.  I really enjoyed our conversations!  We talked for over an hour until our first session of the day started.

When I got home, it was nice to see Kyle, but it seemed like he was really negative and he brought my peaceful state down.  Unfortunately, I was rather short tempered with him.  We ended up calming down when I was able to put words to my issues.  We went shopping and enjoyed each others’ company in the process.

I checked my prenatal supplement and noticed that it didn’t have folic acid.  I knew that I was supposed to have folic acid and wondered why a prenatal supplement wouldn’t have it.  I saw it had folate so I looked up the difference between folic acid and folate.  It turns out that folic acid is the synthetic version.  Here is the article I found on the subject.

Monday December 5
I had a difficult time getting out of bed today.  I really slacked off on my teaching responsibilities today.  I was too exhausted to wander around the classroom as usual.  Today I just stayed at my desk and just had the kids who had questions come to me.  I can’t wait for the end of the first trimester when I have more energy.  I was able to muster the energy to make some food after work today. I made a  salad for lunches and some other healthy things for dinner.  I shared them with my boyfriend too.

Tuesday December 6
I again had a tough time getting out of bed.  This seems to be becoming normal for me lately.  Again at work today I had very little energy.  I was also nauseous.  I don’t understand how so many women can so easily hide their pregnancies in their first trimester.  I started wondering if maybe mine was worse than normal.  Maybe I was having problems with my thyroid numbers.  Kyle seemed to think that I might be anemic, which would have a similar result.  I punched myself in the leg to see if I was bruising easily, but no bruise appeared. I’m often low on iron when I have my period, so I know how to tell.  Either way, I don’t know how much longer I can keep forcing myself to go to work and do my best to keep up appearances when I’m feeling so shitty.

Wednesday December 7
I got out of bed even later today.  I still managed to pack my lunch for myself and made it to work on time, but it was close.  When I got to work, I was feeling so poorly, it got noticed.  I told them it was my usual pre-holiday stress cold.  I do tend to get a cold around this time of year.  Hopefully it’ll explain things.  I had no energy for anything when I got home again.  Kyle mentioned how I should be exercising. He tends to do this on a daily basis.  I snapped at him because I don’t even have any energy to do things like make myself food and do laundry and he keeps mentioning exercising.  I know it’s good for me, I just can’t make myself do it right now.

Thursday December 8
I got out of bed so late today, I didn’t even have time to pack a lunch or eat breakfast.  I picked up a fast food breakfast and bought a healthy lunch at work. I was just lucky that salad with chicken was an option for today.

On a suggestion from Kyle, I decided to try and find some ginger tea.  I do love tea, but I’m not supposed to have much caffeine, most herbal teas state warnings that pregnant women shouldn’t drink them, and green tea has been shown to prevent the absorption of folic acid. I went to the grocery store and discovered that every form of ginger tea had things I couldn’t drink because I’m pregnant. One contained licorice root.  Another had blackberry leaves.  A third had lemongrass. I was extremely disappointed.  The most disturbing thing was that none of those tea boxes had warnings not to drink them while pregnant.  I wondered how many miscarriages were caused because people didn’t have the sense to  check to see if the ingredients were okay to consume like I did.

I was disappointed because  I was hoping drinking ginger tea would help my nausea.  I had a bit of an emotional breakdown and started crying when I met my boyfriend and explained that I couldn’t find any ginger tea I could have at the cash register.

Friday December 9
It was even more difficult to get out of bed again today.  I told myself I just needed to get through today and then I had the whole weekend to relax, catch up on sleep, and heal.  This week seemed to be tougher to get through than last week.  I have no idea how I managed it, but I did get through the day.  When I got home, I napped on and off, but didn’t get to bed until late.  It was probably because I was too tired and sapped of energy to get up, so I just slept some more on the couch until I was ready to get up!


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