Pregnancy Week 6

Monday November 28
I was tired and nauseous all day. I managed to eat everything I was supposed to today.  I changed all of my lessons to easier ones like having my students watching art movies and documentaries.  Some of them were really reaching to be considered educational.  They were just movies with beautiful or abstract imagery.

Tuesday November 29
I was tired and nauseous again all day.  I ate a few chocolates and mints that someone had left in the faculty room.  The mints seemed to help my nausea a bit.  I still had no energy and even nodded off during a class or two. I was really concerned about the next day.  I had a lot to do and I couldn’t get away with showing movies.

When I got home, Kyle suggested I buy some ginger ale tomorrow.

Wednesday November 30
I was still tired and nauseous. I went to the grocery store and bought a 6-pack of ginger ale and a large package of Saltine crackers.  That summed up what I ate and drank today.  It helped with my nausea, but not so much with my fatigue.  Both the fatigue and nausea disappeared mid-day, thankfully!

Thursday December 1
I still consumed the ginger ale and crackers.  I was too tired when I got home last night to make any healthy food and it seemed to help my nausea.  Today was tougher to get through, but I managed.  I even felt better near the end of the day!  Not enough to get anything done when I got home other than pack for tomorrow’s trip!

Friday December 2
I did what I could to get through the day.  I was greatly looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend meditating and having others cook for me.  I met and liked my first roommate immediately.  The second roommate was a native Spanish speaker and I was just too exhausted to show off what little skills I had.  She spoke to us in broken English.  We went to bed early, determined to get up for the 4am meditation tomorrow.



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