November 19-21, 2016

Saturday, November 19, 2016
Because I was waiting to get my period so I could get those lab tests, I was paying close attention to my period and had expected to get it any day.  Last Tuesday was exactly a month from the date of my last period.  I waited five days and then took a pregnancy test.  It was positive. It was a cheap test and the plus sign was kind of faint.  I still called my oldest sister and told her about it.  My first reaction was fear.  As soon as I left the bathroom and told Kyle the result, he hugged me with a big grin on his face.  I did not have to worry about him supporting me.  We both wanted kids, but I honestly didn’t expect to be pregnant so soon!

We spent the day in various states of shock, happiness, and excitement.  We decided to get a good pregnancy test and try it again the next day.  We went hiking together and I had my first bout of morning sickness.  It came on suddenly and I was only able to walk a few steps off of the trail before I threw up.  That settled it for me and I set up an appointment for my 6-week check-up.  It wouldn’t be with my gynocologist, but someone else.  I also found that they start counting the weeks of pregnancy from the date of my last period, so technically I’m in my 5th week.  I felt queasy for the rest of the day.  We went shopping and the smell of the chicken in the supermarket also made me feel like I wanted to throw up.

Sunday November 20, 2016
The next morning, I got up early and took the second test.  It took less than 30 seconds before it came up with the answer: pregnant.  It was very clear.  It became real.  I looked some information up online and found out that  I also discovered that the fetus is the size of a sesame seed.  Because I felt weird calling it “it”, I started calling it my “little sesame seed”.  I’ll probably come up with a different name for next week when it’s bigger!

I realized that I need to start telling people, at least my close family members.  I called my mom and made plans for me to stop in the afternoon.  I planned a cute way to tell my her.  I was unsure of how she was going to react.  She knows I’ve always wanted kids, but it’s a bit early in our relationship and we’re not married.  My stomach was full of butterflies on the whole way there!   Well, I apparently had nothing to worry about.  She seemed to be in shock for a minute or two, but then she jumped up and hugged me.  I was really relieved!  I decided to wait for another day to tell my dad.

There was also the issue of work to think about.  I worked in a school district that I knew would fire me if I was pregnant and unmarried. Of course, it’s illegal, but it’s easy to make up some infraction that was worthy of firing over.  It happened a few years ago to the French teacher.  As soon as she started to show, she just disappeared and never came back.  Being on the larger side, I will have longer before people start to notice, especially if I manage to hide it with creative clothing choices.  Even so, I’ll be at about 8 months by the time school ends in June.  I doubt I can hide it that long.  I could always fake a marriage by getting a wedding ring and wearing it to work, assuming they’d believe it. The best plan is to try and find a teaching job mid-year, which is difficult.  There tend to be very few openings during the school year unless someone is found to be very unfit to teach or they quit for whatever reason.  For professional reasons, I hate leaving in the middle of the school year, but I feel like I really don’t have a choice.

Monday, November 21, 2016
I have been commenting loudly to anyone who will listen about how I’ve been losing weight and how my hypothyroidism is acting up.  I made my 8 week appointment today and my principal was very unhappy about it, but I really wasn’t given much of a choice as for different times or days I could do it and it had to be that week.  I suppose I shouldn’t be too worried about what she thinks, but until I find something else, she is my boss.

I haven’t had any incidence of morning sickness since Saturday, but I have had several food aversions. The smell of brewing coffee in the faculty room is overpowering, so I have mostly learned to steer clear from there.  I can’t stand the smell of bleach either.  Also, apples bother me too.  I always liked apples, so that’s an odd one.  I’m just grateful that they haven’t caused me to throw up anymore.  After throwing up on Saturday, I was concerned about throwing up at work.  Thankfully it hasn’t been a problem.  I just hope it will continue not to be!


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