A Purpose

I have been feeling pretty purposeless in this blog ever since my first experiment ended on January 1st 2016. I suppose that is partially why I have had a difficult time keeping up with it. The other reason is just simply because I have been busy and stressed out. I have recently come across a few different tools in setting goals. I am going to leave out the first section where I answered various questions about what my ideal life would look like in the various aspects of it (family, health, relationships, money, etc.). Thankfully, I’m one of those people who really didn’t need the question and answer section and really already know what I want. The first thing I did was figure out which goals were more immediate and which ones would either require more time or were not terribly pressing on my mind for completion currently. Here’s what I came up with:

1 Year Goals
– lose weight
– get rid of what remains of my depression
– handle my responsibilities like an adult (hygiene, work, bills, cleaning, errands, etc.)

3 Year Goals
– have kids (under the assumption that Kyle and I do well together and last that long)
– buy (or build) a small house with lots of land
– finish and publish my first three books

10 Year Goals
– live sustainably
– hike the Appalachian Trail
– have a core community of family and friends

Lifetime Goals
– travel
– live happily and have fun regularly
– start my own business

Now that I figured out my goals, then what do I do next? I decided on the following things:
1. Write a SMART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound)
2. Write 9 reasons why I want that goal.
3. Write nine excuses that I typically give and ways I could overcome them.
4. Write twenty-one ways I can meet that goal
5. What specific things would need to be done to accomplish that goal, deadlines with specific dates and rewards for meeting those deadlines.

To start, I decided to go with the first goal: “to lose weight”. Eating right should help me in my other two short-term goals as well! Also, “to lose weight” is not terribly specific. I amended my goal to be “to lose 70lbs by December 31st, 2017”.

Then I wrote 9 reasons why I wanted that goal.
1. I want my body to look good again.
2. I want less weight on my joints so I won’t be in pain.
3. I want to up stairs and up hills without getting out of breath.
4. I want to be more fertile (studies show that ‘overweight’ and ‘obese’ women are more likely to have fertility problems and problems later in their pregnancies).
5. I want to be strong.
6. I want better speed and stamina.
7. I want to improve my hiking ability and time.
8. I want to fit in my old clothes.
9. I want to show everyone who doesn’t believe in me that I can do it.

Next I wrote my top 9 excuses and what I could do to get over them.
1. I don’t have time – make time
2. I don’t have the energy to do it – do it anyway
3. I don’t want to get out of bed – I need to do this consistently every day so I will stick with it.
4. I don’t want to cook for myself – prepare meals in advance and always have healthy food on hand
5. I don’t want to exercise today – I need to do this consistently every day so I will stick with it.
6. I want to eat _____________ – yes, it will taste good, but it will throw off my eating plan for days because of how I react to going off of my meal plan.
7. I am too tired – you’re going to be tired anyway, so I might as well do something to be proud of myself for.
8. I am tired, stressed, depressed, etc. so I deserve to eat __________ – this food will probably make me more tired, stressed, and depressed, so I shouldn’t eat it.
9. I’m tired of eating well, exercising, etc. I just want to do what I want. – do you want to look like this forever?

Then I wrote 21 ways I could accomplish losing weight.
1. Strength train on my own
2. Do online strength training videos
3. Cut out flour and sugar
4. Go Paleo
5. Cut calories
6. Eat more protein and vegetables
7. Cook my own food
8. Take the train more so I will walk more
9. Play Wii fit
10. Hike regularly
11. Try NLP
12. Take classes – yoga, dance, martial arts
13. Start running again
14. Go swimming
15. Pray
16. Walk daily
17. Work out with a friend
18. Find a virtual fitness buddy
19. Get a group of friends and set up a challenge or a competition
20. Create an online group for weight-loss accountability
21. Park at the back of a lot when shopping and always take the stairs

Next I had to figure out what things I would specifically do to lose weight.
1. I will start my new eating plan (see THE PLAN) on November 15th, 2016 (it’s when I get paid and can afford the food to do so).
2. I will take the train 4 days a week to work so I walk about 40-50 minutes a day. If I don’t take the train, I will walk for the same amount of time when I get home or during a lunch break starting November 15th, 2016.
3. I will approximately 30 minutes of strength training 6 days a week starting January 1st, 2017.
4. I will start running again on May 1st, 2017.

Now that I have a plan, I will come up with some deadlines. I remember reading somewhere that your first weight-loss goal should be 10% of your original weight. Ten percent of my weight is over twenty pounds, so I decided to make my weight loss goals in 10% increments of the amount I have to lose.  Since I want to lose 70lbs, my first goal should be to lose 7lbs. That’s not bad. It seems doable. And now I’m going to address the people who are all about NSVs (non-scale victories). People celebrate non-scale victories and no doubt I will too. These people state that it’s not about the number on the scale. I can understand that. The number on the scale can be frustrating when it doesn’t move. It can seem like an arbitrary number. However, I want to be that number on the scale to have less weight on my joints and to be considered a “normal” weight. For my height, that would be at 154lbs, so a goal of 150lbs is not terribly arbitrary. Even so, I will not doubt blog about my various victories, both on the scale and non-scale victories. However, my goals are going to be scale-related. I also decided to keep going by 10% increments for a few reasons. The first is that with my hypothyroidism it will be difficult to lose weight. Secondly, the lower weight tends to get, the more difficult it is to lose more of it.

  1. Lose 7 lbs (be 213lbs) by 12/1/16 – new black work shoes
  2. Lose 6 more lbs (be 207lbs) by 12/15/16 – new leggings
  3. Lose 5 more lbs (be 202lbs) by 1/1/17 – a new nice bra
  4. Lose 5 more lbs (be 197lbs) by 1/15/17 – a new pair of work pants
  5. Lose 4 more lbs (be 193lbs, merely ‘overweight’ and no longer ‘obese’) by 2/1/17 – massage
  6. Lose 4 more lbs (be 189lbs) by 2/15/17 – a new work shirt
  7. Lose 3 more lbs (be 186lbs) by 3/1/17 – new underwear
  8. Lose 3 more lbs (be 183lbs) by 3/15/17 – a new dress or skirt
  9. Lose 3 more lbs (be 180lbs) by 4/1/17 – new leggings
  10. Lose 3 more lbs (be 177lbs by 4/15/17 – a nice new bra
  11. Lose 3 more lbs (be 174lbs and can start running again) by 5/1/17 – a new running outfit
  12. Lose 3 more lbs (be 171lbs by 5/15/17 – a new pair of work pants
  13. Lose 3 more lbs (be 168lbs by 6/1/17 – a new work shirt
  14. Lose 2 more lbs (be 166lbs by 6/15/17 – new underwear
  15. Lose 2 more lb (be 164lbs) by 7/1/17 – a new dress or skirt
  16. Lose 2 more lb (be 162lbs) by 7/15/17 – a nice new bra
  17. Lose 2 more lb (be 160lbs) by 8/1/17 – a new pair of work pants
  18. Lose 2 more lb (be 158lbs) by 8/15/17 – a new work shirt
  19. Lose 1 more lb (be 157lbs) by 9/1/17 – new underwear
  20. Lose 1 more lb (be 156lbs) by 9/15/17 – a new dress or skirt
  21. Lose 1 more lb (be 155lbs) by 10/1/17 – a nice new bra
  22. Lose 1 more lb (be 154lbs) by 10/15/17 – a new pair of work pants
  23. Lose 1 more lb (be 153lbs and be ‘normal’ and not ‘obese’) by 11/1/17 – massage
  24. Lose 1 more lb (be 152lbs) by 11/15/17 – a new work shirt
  25. Lose 1 more lb (be 151lbs) by 12/15/17 – new jeans
  26. Lose 1 more lb (be 150lbs) by 12/31/17 – pay to have all my favorite clothes taken in

I will probably still continue to write about my exploits in life, but I will also write about struggling to keep following my plans to get what I want, starting with weight loss.


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