November 4, 2016


I have had a few weird days. I had a parent complain because I made her daughter aware of a dress code violation. My principal had been after us for a while now to enforce them since the girls’ skirts had been getting pretty short, especially with my middle school students. Given the reaction of the parent, I never will again. After wondering what my principal was going to say in reaction for over a day, my principal told me to just ignore the parent e-mail and not address the issue. She said it was for homeroom teachers to address. So I filed it in my mind as “not my problem” and moved on after worrying about it for over 24 hours.

Bryan got back in touch with me yesterday. He still had a shirt of mine. I had given it up for lost. It was once a favorite t-shirt, so I was excited to get it back. It was a concert t-shirt from my favorite band, who had long since broken up. It was not to be found on the internet. I looked. He suggested maybe we could meet up for me to get it back. He now has full custody of his kids. His ex-wife got a job elsewhere and sends him child support. He likely was interested in either getting back together with me or sex at the very least. I had no interest in anything more than getting my t-shirt back, although if he was still missing me, a small amount of revenge would have been nice. He tried to add me as a friend on Facebook. I did not add or deny him. I told him I would be happy to meet him as friends, which was enough to appease Kyle.

However, that conversation happened a few days ago and I haven’t heard from him since, so perhaps he was just fucking with me. I’m a bit hesitant to contact him, but I do want the shirt back.


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