Wednesday September 7, 2016


I had a dream where I was in charge of supervising large groups of students. I was chatting with them and making connections with some of the older students that I had previously not had a good rapport with. Several students that typically make trouble in my classes were laughing at something I said when a comparatively younger student ran over and interrupted. Another student was shaking and bleeding out of his ears. I was the only teacher there, so I ran down the steps to get an older girl to run further down for the nurse. They all refused to do so. Meanwhile, the friends of the student who was shaking and bleeding had pulled him up to a standing position, but he kept swaying. I yelled at them to place him down gently, worried that they may have made matters worse by attempting to move him. I ran for the nurse myself.

I found another train station closer to my apartment. It has the double advantage of having cheaper parking and that I’m less likely to run into Diego there. I’m sure Diego takes his car to work most of the time, but there were also times where he took the train, like when it was in need of repair. Also, I wouldn’t put it past him to take the train just to see me. I don’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but he texted me a few times over the summer. One continued the similar dialogue that was half accusing me of playing with his heart and half

Today was supposed to be a day of professional development. To be honest, I usually spend these days fighting off sleep and seeing how many other tasks I can accomplish without the principal noticing. They’re usually school-related tasks like lesson planning, updating attendance, grading papers, etc. The way I see it, is it helps me stay awake and at the same time, I at least got some productive use of my time. Today was a little different. Sure, there were a few things that weren’t relevant to me. We discussed the professional development we did over the summer and talked about the things that we got out of it. We listened to several announcements that we needed to know for the first few days of school. Then I looked at the itnarery and was surprised to see that there was a new teacher training that didn’t include me. Then in the afternoon there was a training for a new ELA textbook and I wasn’t required to go to it! I could actually spend the afternoon doing things that are at least useful to me! Even if those things were just lesson plans and a fair amount of paperwork that I had to accomplish, I at least felt prepared for my first classes. How did I get so far ahead of the curve that I’m starting the first day feeling prepared and ahead of myself? The last two years, I remember scrambling and working night and day to get everything that needed to be done completed. That didn’t happen this year. Instead, I focused on my exhaustion level when I’m at home and feebly attempt to do things around the house before I fall asleep by 8:00. Well, I won’t complain. Maybe I’ve finally achieved a work/life balance? Well, I can dream.

I chatted with Kyle in the evening. Because he’s going to be moving in with me, we needed to find a week where he could stay with me and focus on his job-search. I think it’ll be good for him because there are so many public transportation options where I live, since he can’t currently drive due to a medical condition. We decided that I would pick him up on Columbus Day weekend and drop him back off the weekend after. I just hope he’s able to find a job with searching intently for a week. There are so many places hiring where I live that I hope so! As soon as he gets a job, he can put in his two-weeks notice where he lives now and then move in with me! One thing that bothers me is when I tell the people at work that I have a boyfriend and they ask what he does, I really don’t have a good answer, so I tell them he does whatever he can. He doesn’t have a degree and he has a medical condition that doesn’t allow him to do anything that is stressful or involves driving anything. I hope he finds something quickly. I hope they pay him more and give him better hours than where he works now.


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