Wednesday September 14, 2016


Today is “hump day”. It was a rather relaxing day at work. I had more free time than I normally would for a Wednesday, but it allowed me to get stuff done. Then one teacher who initially said she didn’t want her class to have art on the first week, changed her mind and decided to have art today. The worst part was that she didn’t even remember telling me that she wanted art class today, she just showed up with her class. Thankfully, I covered for it very well, but was rather annoyed at the inconvenience.

When I got home, I had to do laundry, cook some food, etc. I laid down to talk to Kyle for a few minutes on my computer because my phone was dead and didn’t want to get back up again. I was very tired, but I didn’t even sleep.   If I had napped, I would have said that the time was well spent. I did absolutely nothing this evening and didn’t even get to nap to help with my tiredness. While we were chatting, I was in the midst of e-mail that spiritual retreat center to volunteer to help this weekend. I needed to get away somewhere where I was going to be able to recharge my batteries, spiritually. It seemed perfect. Then Kyle’s plans for Saturday had changed so he invited me to come up to visit. I debated back and forth. I needed to recharge my spiritual batteries, but I really wanted to see him too. In the end, I never sent the email out and began making my plans to visit. We have plans to go camping together with a large group of people next weekend. He told me I could bring my big fancy tent and we could set it up there this weekend so we’d get a good spot for it. It sounded like a good idea to me! I was looking forward to seeing him, but it would be a lot of work to do everything that needed doing before I left.


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