Tuesday September 13, 2016


Even though I napped for a few hours last night, I woke up late with a bad headache. I had somehow managed to turn off my first alarm in my sleep. I got up with my second alarm, the one meant to tell me I had 10 minutes before I had to leave for the train station. It wasn’t that big a deal since I had already decided to drove today. The sunburn on my neck and shoulders still hurt a lot when I put my backpack on and they also just hurt like crazy whenever they felt the rays of the sun. After I had been up and moving around for a few minutes, the headache faded and nausea began. On the way to work, my stomach, intestines, and uterus took turns hurting.

When I got to work, I ended up chatting with Kyle a little bit. I also felt like I should get some things done, but I still didn’t have the focus to do anything. I chatted with the custodian. I chatted with one of the other teachers. Basically, I did very little work. My lessons were all planned for the first week of school, so it’s not like it was a really big deal. I also got my period today, so I’m definitely not pregnant.

I had fun in all of my classes. I forget how much I like my Monday and Tuesday students. Some of my younger students hugged me, which was sweet. I also have my preps on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursdays and Fridays, I have 7 classes, so the end of the week goes quickly, but it’s also usually really rough.   It’s amazing how much the kids differ from class to class.

When I got home, I worked out. I was really proud of myself because usually I’m too exhausted to do anything when I get home. Afterwards, I had to drive about 40 minutes for a meeting. A friend of mine had asked me to accept a volunteer position with the non-profit he works for. I reluctantly agreed because he is my friend. It ended up running later than I wanted it to, so I got home later than I intended and got to sleep later than I wanted.


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