Thursday September 8, 2016

Today was the first day the students were back at school. They only had a half a day because we had some more professional development in the afternoon. I was amazed how many of their names I forgot over the summer! I never was very good at names, but I remembered other things about them. I usually remember the other things they tell me, whether or not it’s about which sports they play, if they have a little brother or sister that’s just born, or if they have a loose tooth, so I like to think that makes up for it. It probably doesn’t, but I like to think it does.

Because I didn’t have any classes yet, I spent the morning getting stuff done. By the afternoon, I was pretty tired. Thankfully the professional development they had in mind actually was useful for me. So few professional development activities are relevant for art, yet us special teachers are required to go to them anyway. Like I need to know anything about the latest techniques for teaching math or ELA. Well, to be fair, according to some principals, my job is just to assist the “core teachers” in teaching common core. Like I even know what that is. I was trained to bring out kids’ creativity. I was trained to make the abstract understandable. I was trained to show kids how to look at an object and make a reasonable facsimile of that object using pencil, charcoal, etc. I was trained to teach the kids to make pretty pictures I post on bulletin boards to make the school look good. Even though I love to read and I’m good at math, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue how to teach any of the weird new methods of teaching this stuff to kids. That’s why other teachers got the math and English degrees. But, I digress.

Again when I got home today, I was tired. I took a nap, which turned out to be for the remainder of the night. I need to stop staying up late talking to Kyle. I like talking to Kyle, but l also need a full night’s sleep. I wonder how this is going to work when he moves in with me.


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