Thursday September 1, 2016


Chandra and I had made plans for me to come to her house and help her out with stuff. Usually they’re just computer problems. I understand. She’s probably in her 50s or 60s. Many people of her age are not comfortable with computers, nor do they understand them like the generation that is slightly younger than me. I was fortunate to always have computers in my house growing up during a time when not many people did.

When I got there, I was surprised that the first thing she asked me to do was close a window. She’s very petite. I think I’m almost a foot taller and I’m not considered terribly tall for a woman. I pulled on it, exerted a little body weight, and the window closed. Then she asked me to open up some jars for her. It was kind of weird because I realized that I’m being asked to do the “manly” chores for her! I didn’t mind and I don’t mind helping, but I did take a bit of inner amusement at that thought. And I was also proud of myself that I had no problems accomplishing those tasks. After I opened the jars, I taught her a trick of wrapping a thick rubber band around the lid of the jar to help gain traction over it. Afterwards, there was the internet help. I don’t understand. She’s watched me do these things several times now and always insists that I do it. I do weary of constantly helping her with the internet stuff though. It seems so simple to me and somehow after staring at the computer screen for two hours, I feel stressed or burned out. I can’t really explain why that happens, but it does. And yet I can sit here for hours as I catch up on my blog. Maybe it’s because I enjoy doing one and feel compelled to help with the other.

I went home, got some stuff done, packed for Kyle’s house, and left. Today’s journey was a bit different. The goal was to arrive there at a specific time so I could pick him up from work. I ended up leaving a bit late, so I felt myself pushing myself to not stop as much and try and get there as fast as I could. I ended up there about 5 minutes after he got out of work, so I feel like I was successful in that venture.

While I was tired when I got there, we cuddled and talked and didn’t end up going to sleep for hours. I know I didn’t leave him that long ago, but I was still looking forward to seeing him again. I have been fortunate all summer to get to see him so much. It’s going to be different, tougher when school starts again. I won’t have time to visit him as much. I’ll also have less money because I have to pay for my commute. I think we finally drifted off to sleep around 1am.



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