Sunday September 4, 2016


I woke up and my sore throat was worse. It was nice to wake up and cuddle with Kyle, but sad that it would be the last time for a few weeks. We had sex, then we both got ready, I dropped him off at work, then drove home. I was sad to say goodbye to him. Three weeks seems like such a long time to not see him. I am looking forward to getting back to work again because then I’ll have something else to focus on that’s not him. On the bright side, he sent me home with some of his stuff. I like the idea of finding places for his things bit by bit, that way it’s not overwhelming for either of us. And it makes the fact that he’s going to be moving in with me eventually seem real.

As always it was a long drive home. However, I was surprised that I managed to at least accomplish some things when I got there. Usually the drive just tires me out. Even so, I couldn’t stay productive forever and just ran out of energy around 7:00. The idea was to go to bed by 8:00 to prepare myself for the school year. I still don’t think I did too badly by getting to bed at 9:00 though. Hey, at least it’s a start!


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