Sunday September 18, 2016


We woke up somewhat early. I apologized for literally falling asleep on him last night. He said it was nice, having me fall asleep on his chest. I thought he’d be disappointed he didn’t get much sex after going so long without it. But we made up for it in the morning. We packed up some more of his things in my car. I have this idea of making room for his things as they get brought down gradually. Really, they’re just turning into a pile of boxes in my bedroom. I plan to work on it this weekend. Then I had to drop him off at work again. The drive home was uneventful.

I stopped at my mom’s house on the way home, by her request. She wanted to give me my belated birthday present. It was a pretty sweater, long and unflattering for my body type. I thanked her anyway. They also gave me a card with a check for some money. They took me out for dinner, but I ended up seeming really ungrateful. I’m not sure if it was the wine or if I was just tired and moody having left Kyle this morning, but I was pretty argumentative. In hindsight, it turned out that the things I was arguing about were right, to my way of thinking. And sadly, my step-dad is more prejudiced against women than I knew or perhaps he realized. I stayed there pretty late to make sure I was sober enough to drive. I only had two glasses, but that’s all it takes to get me effectively buzzed these days!

The drive home was uneventful. When I got there, I let Kyle know and wished him a good night.


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