Saturday September 24, 2016


In the morning, Kyle was up before I was. He made us breakfast of bacon and eggs! When we started wandering around, people started talking about going on a hike. I didn’t want to go because my knee was bothering me. I also had something weird going on with me emotionally. For some reason, I didn’t want Kyle far from my side. In fact, whenever he walked away from me, my eyes welled up with tears. If he went to another campsite to visit some friends, I went too. It made absolutely no sense until we were walking away from a campsite and his feet almost buckled under him. If I hadn’t been there, he would have completely fallen over. I supported him as we walked back to our campsite. He sat down and I asked what I could do to help. He couldn’t articulate anything, so I moved everything on the ground around him in case he had a grand mal seizure so he wouldn’t hurt himself with anything.

After some time had passed, he was feeling a bit better and started to talk about going on that hike. I started getting teary eyed again. I contemplated going with my painful knee just to not be apart from him. We layed down together for awhile and had sex. Afterwards, he stated that his head felt better and more clear. He found some people who were getting a late start on the hike and went with them. I drifted off into sleep. I must have slept for 4 hours because the next thing I knew, he woke me up for dinner. Some friends had cooked some very amazing food! It was delicious! The marinated turkey was the best, but there were other tasty items as well.

Kyle and I started a bonfire and started to drink. We kept expecting friends to come over and visit us, but nobody really did. We also smoked like chimneys. We had agreed that after this camping trip, we would both quit smoking together. And I would have to quit drinking if I’m going to become pregnant at some point. We had decided this night would be my last hurrah since it would be a long time before I would probably be able to drink again, what with conceiving, being pregnant, and breastfeeding all coming up. However, when it came down to it, I didn’t much feel like a last hurrah. After my first beer and my second cigarette of the night, I started feeling nauseous. I tried to ignore it, but it was difficult. By my 4th beer the nausea had finally gone away. A few people stopped by the fire, but most didn’t stay long. By my 6th beer, two of his friends had shown up. He was so drunk that he stopped drinking beer and started drinking water. I decided to have one more and acquired diarrhea of the mouth. For anyone to doesn’t know the condition, it’s when everything just spews from your mouth whether or not people want to hear it and whether or not you should say it. Eventually, the fire burned down, we burned what remained of our packs of cigarettes, and we went to bed.

We layed in our tent and my head was very cold. They were predicting that it would get down in the 30s tonight. Thankfully, the blankets and sleeping bags kept us warm. However, I couldn’t put my head under the blankets because something he ate was causing some pretty bad gas. He seemed to be interested in sex, so we started doing stuff. I literally fell asleep fooling around with him. I woke up some time later, peed outside the tent (the bathrooms were too far to walk in this cold), and went back inside. This time, I was much better able to have sex with him and we actually finished the deed this time. Then we both drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


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