Friday September 9, 2016


Today was the first full day of classes at work, but I really didn’t have to see them yet. For some reason that I will not complain about, my principal decided that special subjects wouldn’t be started until Monday. I did stop in a few classes and give the teachers the opportunity to go to the bathroom and allowed one breastfeeding mother some time to pump. Other than that, I was pretty effective at getting things done and prepared for next week’s classes. I also chatted with Kyle on and off throughout the day. He’s going to be camping with a number of our friends and acquaintances. He invited me to come, but I already had told a friend that I would volunteer at a booth tomorrow at some festival to talk about hiking and backpacking stuff. He told me I could just drive up after I got done with my shift at 11:00am tomorrow. It certainly was tempting!

I was invited a barbecue by a bunch of acquaintances in the evening. I went, but didn’t particularly enjoy myself. When I got home, I prepared myself for bed, only to be inundated by texts from Kyle. He was drunk and missing me. He called me and a lot of what he said was sexual in nature. Hey, if he got drunk and could only think of having sex with me, I’ll be okay with that! I was worried about it. I’m not sure why. I knew he had cheated on two of his girlfriends, so maybe that put the worry in my mind. It’s odd. I didn’t doubt his love for me, but I doubted his ability to not cheat on me. Wouldn’t they be one and the same? If he loves me, he won’t cheat on me, right? It seemed to be an odd paradox in my mind. I was tired and had to wake up early and his cell phone only had a limited amount of power for the duration of the weekend, so we hung up and I went to sleep.


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