Friday September 23, 2016


I just wanted my day to go as quickly as possible. I tried very hard to get everything done so I could leave at exactly 3:00pm. Of course, life never quite works out the way that you want it to. My principal asked me to see her after school to help plan out the yearly schedule for my dance production. I ended up leaving late. Then I had to bypass two accidents. Then there was a long line at the gas station I stopped at for gas. Well, you get the idea. Needless to say, I arrived much later than I had anticipated.

When I got there, Kyle had already set up the tent and the air mattress. He had even made me food. It was waiting for me, albeit cold. After I ate and managed to shake the stress of the week through cuddling time with him, we had unprotected sex. We fell asleep not long afterwards.


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