Friday September 16, 2016


I awoke exhausted. I forced myself to get up and do everything that needed to be done. I packed my bags. I prepared the cats with enough food and water for a few days alone. I cleaned up the cat pee. Then I cleaned up the apartment for my landlord and his worker who was coming to fix things. I even worked out. The only things I really didn’t have time to do was shower and brush my teeth. Well, I have to give something up to accomplish everything that I wanted to do.

Because I’m driving to Kyle’s house straight from work, I drove to work today.   I got there with about 10 minutes to spare. I really couldn’t focus on getting anything done. I had a lot of classes today with no preparation period. Some of my classes today were really rough. I ended up giving several students detention. It was their first class of the school year, so I hope I don’t catch hell for it from my principal or the kids’ parents. One of them is likely to complain. But I know that group of kids. Every year I have to start really hard-assed and then they learn to be respectful and behave themselves for the rest of the school year.  It really was a good day at work. I taught the kids a lot and we all seemed to mostly enjoy ourselves. However, it really wore me out.

I was grateful when the school day was over and I could drive to see Kyle. It was a long drive. His house is farther from where I work than where I live. When I got there, he seemed abstract to me. Here was the guy who I had missed for so long and he didn’t even get up out of his chair to see me. He did pause whatever he was watching though.   He told me how much he missed me and how much he loved me. And I told him I really had to use the bathroom and that I’d be back to hang out in a few minutes.

When I got back from the bathroom there was no place for me to sit, so I stood next to his chair talking to him, being overheard by his housemate’s girlfriend. He sat there complaining about not getting much in the way of work hours and complaining that he didn’t even have the money for rent. Then he talked about something he wanted. I persuaded him to come upstairs. He talked about something else that he wanted. I started to wonder if he wanted me to buy them for him. I’m trying to watch my money more, so I really hadn’t planned to buy him anything. Hell, this trip was enough of an expense for me, especially since I’ll have to drive again next week to go camping with everyone. I was exhausted, my feet hurt, and my muscles hurt from all of the workouts that I completed this week. I didn’t want to hear about all the things he didn’t have that he wanted, I just wanted to lay down and enjoy his company, his touch. We layed down and held each other.

We talked. Finally, he told me that he had the opportunity to cheat on me last weekend but he didn’t. Apparently when he was camping with his friends, he ended up in a discussion with someone about the possibility of sleeping together. Everybody had been drinking, including him. She knew he was dating me. She was having problems with her boyfriend. They decided it was a bad idea and nothing happened. I was hurt that it had even gotten to the discussion phase. I asked enough to find out that he didn’t even kiss her. It hurt, but I was glad nothing happened.


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