Tuesday August 30, 2016


I dropped Kyle off at work in the morning. I spent most of the day driving home from his house. Then when I got home, I felt so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that I had to do, that I did none of it. Isn’t that funny how it works? When I have so much to do, I get so overwhelmed, that it never gets done.   Sometimes my logic takes over and I tell myself that it’ll take even longer if I don’t do anything. Then I tell myself to pick one thing to do; preferably an easy thing. If I can accomplish that thing, then I feel a sense of accomplishment and a chance to cross one thing off of the list. But today was not that day. I just hung out, perusing social media, and watching Netflix. Eventually, I went to sleep.

Money – ?

Relationships – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – down


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