Monday August 29, 2016


Kyle and I woke up late. Then we spent the next few hours having sex. Well, it wasn’t all sex, but it was, uh, sexual-related activity. After a lengthy post-sex cuddling session, we decided to go out to eat. I told him he could pick anywhere he wanted to go and that it was my treat, but I didn’t realize that it would be so expensive. I greatly enjoyed my food, the appetizers, and the wine, but everything was quite pricey. Well, it’ll be a nice idea for special occasions, but not really something we could do every time I came to visit him.

When we got back to his place, we watched some TV and had sex again. I’m not sure why, but it was a day of sex. It was fun though, but it also took a lot out of me. Like the restaurant we went to, it’s not something for every day, but it’s fun once in a while!

Money – $60 for dinner

Relationships – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – varied


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