Thursday August 25, 2016


I woke up late and accomplished a few things in the afternoon. Then I was invited to a barbecue with some acquaintances of mine. I do try and be friendly, but, as always, I felt awkward and out of place. Thankfully I brought my knitting. It gave me something to focus on when nobody was talking to me and it served as a conversation starter when someone wanted to talk to me. It seemed like it was expected that we would stay for a number of hours. First, there was bread and butter and veggies and dip placed out on the table. Then some home made pickles. Then the sides like beans and cole slaw were put out. Then came the hamburgers and hot dogs. I wanted a burger, but they stuffed them full of the one food I dislike more than anything, which is not a common practice. I was offered one and asked if they had some without that food item. They offered to make me one, but I declined and ate two hot dogs instead. Then an hour later when I had stuffed myself with whatever foods looked good, I was presented with a burger without the food item that I despise. I was surprised and asked if I could take it home. It was kind of them, but I also had told them not to bother.

It took me over an hour to leave. As soon as I’d start to say my goodbyes, someone would find a reason to start talking to me, thereby delaying my departure. This happened several times. I was almost at the door when one of the women there had to deal with her unruly child who was clearly not listening to her. She told him to go to his room to go to bed and he kept telling her “no”. He was maybe 6 years old. It’s not even an uncommon practice. His stubbornness was uncommon. As was the mother’s apparent anger as she grabbed the kid and started hitting whatever body part she could get. Her slap mostly hit limbs, but even that didn’t sway the kid. I would have just picked up the kid and tossed him on his bed. He was a skinny 6 years old, so an adult could still do that. I thought with so many people out there doing a bad job at parenting, why was it me that ended up not having kids. Could I really be that much worse? And just on a side note, I’m not against spanking your kids. But I’m against hitting your kids out of anger. It was very clear that this woman had lost her shit. Not cool. And this woman was a teacher. Teaching taught me that discipline is about having a very clear set of rules and consequences and to implement the rules and consequences firmly and fairly. That way, the kids stop their misbehaving before they get to you and invoke your anger. Well, maybe not everybody learned that as a teacher.

I got home late and went straight to bed.

Money – ?

Relationships – yes

Meditate – yes

Mood – down


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