Tuesday August 23, 2016

This morning I woke up and my back was too sore to work out.  Nonetheless, I got a lot done today, so I felt good about that.  In fact, I did so much that I ended up tiring myself out and ended up on the couch in front of the tv in the evening again.

I chatted with Kyle about when I should come up and visit him next.  He wanted me to come as soon as possible, but I had a meeting on Thursday and he had another obligation on Saturday that would take the whole day.  We decided to wait until he got his schedule so we could see which days he would have off of work, to better maximize the time spent together. Then we started talking about the possibility of using sex toys when we had sex. We discussed which ones might work well and which ones we were interested in trying.

While I was chatting with Kyle, I heard from my nameless ex, the one who’s dumping me spurred the idea for this blog. After the initial hurt feelings that came with him dumping me had subsided, we were friends that chatted occasionally.  His cat, who was dying, had run away from home.  He was afraid that the cat had left to die.  He was very upset.  He was kind of seeing some woman, but she was very unsympathetic, so he contacted me.  I told him that was fine and that we were friends.  We chatted for awhile.  I was surprised that so much time had gone by and he still ended up turning to me when he needed something.  When he confided that he was concerned about the kindness of the woman he was seeing (not quite a girlfriend), I made sure to bring up my boyfriend in as natural a way as I could.  I knew he had seen that I was dating someone on Facebook, but figured that he may have forgotten about that fact since he was concerned about his cat.  He seemed to stop chatting after that.  Maybe he had found someone else to talk to.  Maybe he was disappointed with the fact that I was taken.  He messaged me to let me know that the cat had been found.  The cat has terminal cancer, so it didn’t have long to live.  Even so, I remembered that cat fondly and was happy that it was okay for the time being.

These conversations lasted past midnight.  I even followed my diet again today

Money – $20 on tools

Relationship – no

Meditation – yes

Mood – ok


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