Monday August 15, 2016

We woke up a little late. Kyle and I cuddled a bit.  I tried for sex again and he rebuffed me.  We talked about it and ended up having sex. What he didn’t know was that yesterday my period had slowed down and today it stopped.  He thought he’d be having period sex and did it anyway.  Even so, he was happy to find out that it had ended.  When I drove Kyle to work, I was kind of happy to be away from him for a bit.  I got back and set about trying to put together the futon frame.  Unfortunately, Aaron worked nights, so he was asleep.  I couldn’t find the tools I needed.  I laid down on the futon mattress in exasperation and fell asleep.  I guess I didn’t sleep enough because I awoke in time to pick up Kyle from work.

When I picked him up from work, we bought some food so I could make dinner.  When we got to the kitchen, the place was disgusting, but not quite as bad as the rest of the house.  Even so, it took us an hour to just make it usable.  It was fun cooking food with him cleaning.  It made me think that it might be a lot like that when we get a place together.

We stayed up late talking and cuddling.  We tried to avoid having sex because I needed to wake up early for my interview.  Finally, we realized we couldn’t avoid it.  We had sex and went to sleep.

Money – $20 for groceries, $7 for a hairbrush (I left mine at home)

Relationship – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – fluctuated



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