Sunday August 14, 2016

I got up early and did some laundry.  Kyle didn’t have enough clean clothes to wear, so I took all of his clothes to the laundromat and left him in my apartment to hang out in his underwear.  In between loads, we were hanging out and cuddling.  I really wanted sex, as I tend to do when I’m having my period, and Kyle rebuffed me.  He said he doesn’t have period sex.  I was greatly disappointed.  Well, I suppose he couldn’t be perfect, but this was when I was horniest.  I got really angry and walked out to take care of the laundry.

When I returned I was somewhat calmer, but still feeling injured.  We unpacked my trunk and then repacked all of his things.  I prepared my portfolio for my interview, packed my things, and we left.

I had almost forgotten that Kyle had moved into Aaron’s house.  When we got there, the room that was supposed to be his was disgusting.  There was a thick layer of grime on the floor, plus a lot of clumps of dog hair and dust bunnies.  Added to all of that, were some random objects, some of which were unrecognizable in the grime.  We went to Walmart so he can buy some cleaning supplies and a few simple pieces of furniture since his ex still has some of his stuff.  I bought him a futon bed as an early birthday present.  When we got to the checkout, his card was declined.  I paid for his stuff, which came to about $100, telling him that he owes me that money when we were out of earshot of other people.  I started to feel used.  I’m sure that’s not the case though.

We got back and started to clean his room. I was tired, worn out, and very moody.  I tried to keep it to myself.  I just wanted to get everything done as quickly as possible so we could sleep.  I thought mopping the floors twice was a bit overkill, but would rather sleep than argue.  Eventually, it got clean.  We threw the futon mattress on the floor and went to sleep.

Money – I spent about $300 with dinner, the trip, the futon, and Kyle’s purchase.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – bad


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