Saturday August 13, 2016

I awoke early and discovered that got my period morning.  Because we had been having sex quite regularly with absolutely no protection at all, it declared to me that I wasn’t pregnant.  I was disappointed, but he was relieved.  For someone who was so excited about the prospect of being a father, it made me concerned.  He thought we should be together for a while longer before we actually tried for kids.  While I could see the wisdom in that remark, it still bothered me.

We packed up what remained of our stuff, said goodbye to our NY friends and those members of my old hiking group that I was still friendly with.  We left.  When we arrived at my apartment, it was cleaner than I recalled, for which I was grateful.  He helped me unpack my back seat and then we drove to my mom’s house to pick up my cats.  I asked if she could keep them until Wednesday, but my middle sister was visiting her then and she needed the spare bedroom for her.  My mom said Kyle seemed nice and fed us dinner.  Maybe she was just relieved that I wasn’t dating an illegal immigrant anymore. But if she liked Kyle, I decided that I’d take it.  She doesn’t often comment on my boyfriends anymore.

When we got back, we watched a movie.  Kyle bonded with one of my cats and we went to bed.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – neutral


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