Friday August 12, 2016

Unfortunately, last night’s weather did nothing to fix the hot, humid weather.  And I woke up overemotional.  I warned Kyle about my mood.  I decided not to hike because of those reasons.  Kyle, too, decided not to hike.  We showered, shopped, and ate.

We decided to start packing up tonight and would leave in the morning.  We spent a fair amount of time packing up.  When midday hit, it was really difficult to find motivation.  It was too hot, too humid, and too sticky for us to really want to do anything.  Of course, that’s when Evan showed up.  He hadn’t been able to get off of work to hike this year, but he had also broken his pack.  I told him where to go to get it taken care of, but he wanted me to come with him.  He was really starting to annoy me, but I did my best to keep it to myself.

When I got back, Kyle and I realized we wouldn’t get anything done in the current heat and humidity, so we decided to say our goodbyes.  We went to say goodbye to my Pennsylvania friends.  A sexual topic was introduced and Kyle’s statements on the subject really weren’t to my liking.  Maybe it was just because I was hot and overemotional, but we discussed it on the way to say goodbye to his Vermont friends.  I still wasn’t entirely convinced when we got there, but tried to put on a good face for his friends. Kat was there, along with some other people I knew a little bit.  Even though she wasn’t hanging out with them before, Kyle’s ex came over.  It was clear the others didn’t like her all that much, even though she was camping with them.  She then made things worse by declaring that she had dropped Kyle and was better off without him.  They had offered me some alcohol, so I had no reservations about rising to the bait.  I told her I was glad that she did because that meant that I got to pick him up.  Kat offered to have us move my tiny tent down there for the night so we could continue to hang out.  On the pretense of having a cigarette, I took Kat aside and explained that she seemed really nice, but that I really didn’t to deal with the drama that Kyle’s ex was clearly trying to start.  She told me that “when you trade in a Jetta for a Camaro, you don’t go back to the Jetta”.  Or something like that.  It took some explanation to make me understand that Kyle’s ex was the Jetta and I was the Camaro.  But when I did, I told her she was really sweet and apologized again for not coming to hang out with them later.  Kyle and I said goodbye and walked back to my tent. On our walk back, he told me that Kat really likes me (I’m hoping in a platonic way) and said that was a good sign.  He said that since she likes me, the rest of the group would follow suit and would warm to me eventually.  I was grateful about that, since I had some past drama with a few members of the group and was hoping to reconcile since they were so important to Kyle.

When we returned, we worked more on packing up.  I set up my tiny hiking tent nearby, so we’d have a place to sleep.  We packed up everything else, including the larger tent.  It kept looking like it was going to rain, so we pushed ourselves hard to get things done before it did.  We were both irritable, but somehow managed to mostly keep it to ourselves.  This seemed to bode well for our relationship in the future.  We finally finished around 10pm, got some take-out, ate it, and went to bed.  It started raining not long after we got into the tent, but somehow the weather still didn’t cool down or become less humid.

Relatinoships – yes

Meditation – no

Moods – varied greatly


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