Thursday August 11, 2016

I called back the teacher who called the human resources department.  It turned out that they had mailed me notification of my interview, so I hadn’t received it yet, being away camping for two weeks.  My interview was next Tuesday.  Kyle and I talked about the logistics about packing up my stuff, his stuff, and getting both me and him back there.  I had completely packed my car on the way there, passenger seat included.  He said he’d talk to a friend about maybe taking some of my stuff back to his town.  That way he could come with me, help me unload my stuff, see my apartment, meet my cats, etc., then we travel where he lives together and I could pick up the rest of my stuff.  It made sense to me!

We both got our packs on, filled our canteens, etc.  Then I felt like something wasn’t right on my pack.  It wasn’t.  I felt the strap snap.  It wasn’t something I could fix.  But there was a vendor at the farmer’s market who might be able to repair it.  Kyle went on the hike and I emptied my pack in the tent and walked it over to the guy who I thought could repair it.  It took longer than I thought.  When I returned to the tent, Kyle was gone.  He had gone looking for his friend to work things out for the trip home.

He had finished early.  It was so hot and humid that after having 3 people collapse on the trail from heat-related maladies, they cancelled the remainder of the hike.  It was all we could do to sit under the shade and sweat profusely.  Neither of us had the energy for doing anything else.  Kyle mentioned how much he missed air conditioning.  I asked if he wanted to see a movie with me.  He assented.  The two hours of air conditioning was blissful, even though the movie was just okay.

When we got back, the skies opened up and it poured. There was also intermittent thunder and lightening.  We had both wanted to visit our friends.  I wanted to see my Pennsylvania friends, he wanted to visit his Vermont friends.  Because of the weather, we decided to stay in.  We cuddled, had sex, and slept.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – varied


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