Wednesday August 10, 2016

We woke up together and cuddled for awhile, followed by some morning sex.  We wandered around, doing nothing in particular.  We went to the camp store and joked around about some of the weird things they were selling there.  They also sold some hot food there.  As we were eating, we saw some clouds that looked like rain clouds headed our way.  We hurried to get back to our tent before it rained.

Our NY friends (they’re his friends too) were close by, so we hung out there until the rain got bad enough to return to our tent.  Our NY friends all have toddlers.  It was fun to play with the kids, hang out with my friends, and see Kyle play with the kids.  I think he’ll make a good father one day.

When we returned, he made me an excellent steak dinner, complete with corn on the cob!  I checked my phone to find a voicemail from a teacher.  She was telling me what I needed to bring for my interview.  My interview!?  I double-checked my voicemail and my email.  There was nothing abut an interview.  It was too late to call her back, but it meant that at least one of the two schools I applied to wanted to interview me!  We had sex, then went to bed.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – good


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