Sunday August 7, 2016

I woke up and started getting my backpacking pack prepared for tomorrow.  We walked around a little with our packs on our backs, just to get our bodies warmed up for tomorrow.  Then, somehow, Kyle managed to dislocate his collarbone.  It had something to do with clipping a tree, falling, and his pack moving oddly.  He could not go backpacking tomorrow because of it.  He told me I should go and that he would be out there with me if he could.

I made dinner and then we visited my Pennsylvania friends.  They were having a party tonight to celebrate the wedding anniversary of two of them, so I dressed up in skimpier clothes than usual.  Kyle was very attentive to me, all night. He also seemed to be more protective of me than usual.  Hey, I was fine with that.  Frank was still staring at me a lot.  Maybe it was because I was wearing less clothes.  It was weird.  He looked at me more, but talked to me a lot less.

We drank a little, but not much because I was going to hike tomorrow.  I really felt like Kyle guilt-tripped me into hiking tomorrow a bit, but maybe it was good for me. When we got back, Kyle immediately started to make sexual advances.   He clearly liked my outfit!  We had some amazing sex (it just keeps getting better with him)!  I don’t go into great detail with sexual things, but one thing I like about him is that he likes to experiment and so do I.  Sex has not been dull at all.  In fact, its so much fun because we keep mixing it up!  I suppose it can only last so long, but it really has been fun.  We both fell asleep exhausted.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – good


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