Saturday August 6, 2016

We woke up together.  There were a number of things that Kyle wanted to buy, so we went and did that.  I walked over to visit with my old hiking group.  My ex-husband wouldn’t be there until at least tomorrow, so it would give me a chance to gauge who I was still on good terms with.  About half of them seemed to still like me.  The other half just tried not to speak to me.  Now I knew.  And so I can move on keeping what friends I have and letting the rest move on!  Then Kyle insisted on walking around the farmer’s market.  I had already been to a few times, but he hadn’t, so I tried to be patient with him.

We walked to visit my Pennsylvania friends.  I know he felt awkward meeting all of these new people at once, but he hid it well.  Frank was wandering around doing things, but he kept looking at us.   I couldn’t tell if he was trying to check out the competition or just was curious about  who I was dating.  Kyle knew that I described one of them as a “former fuck-buddy”, but he didn’t know who it was.  I could see him trying to figure it out.

We got back to my tent and Kyle made dinner.  We had sex, then slept.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – yes

Mood – up


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