Friday August 5, 2016

We woke up late.  I usually am able to wake up with my alarm, but that didn’t happen today.  We got about an hour away when my car overheated. In the middle of nowhere. Apparently, the guy who was supposed to check my fluids at the oil change yesterday didn’t do his job.  I needed antifreeze.  That seemed odd because the last time I had checked, I had plenty.  I hoped it wasn’t some stupid mechanic’s way of trying to get more business from me.  I called a taxi.  They took me to the nearest gas station, I bought more pre-mixed antifreeze, and then returned to my car.  We had to wait a while for it to cool off enough to put it in.  I hoped there wasn’t any damage to my engine or other parts of my car.  Eventually, everything seemed fine and I drove away.

That whole adventure took about two hours.  We didn’t arrive at the campsite until late in the evening.  We unpacked the car, but he insisted on going around and surprising everybody.  I was annoyed, but understood how happy he would be to see his friends. We ran into his ex-girlfriend when she was drunk, which was awkward.  I tried to give them space and talked with other nearby friends.  He made it clear that he was sleeping in my tent tonight, so that was good enough for me.  We finally made it back and went to sleep.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – no

Mood – varied greatly


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