Sunday July 31, 2016

I awoke in pain.  My back, neck, and shoulders were wore and I had sunburn on my back due to my choice in clothing the day before.  Thankfully, Zak and Danielle had some aloe.  Because it was an awkward place to reach, I asked them to help me apply it.  I was surprised when it was Zak and not Danielle who helped me (I had to take my clothes off to get it applied).  I always suspected Zak liked me as more than a friend, but always put it out of my mind because him and Danielle are such good friends and because they’ve been married ever since I’ve known them.  There are times, however, like this, when I still suspect something though.

I finished the last things on my to-do list for my camping space.  Then Aaron helped me set up my solar panel so I could charge my phone.  I chatted with Kyle for a few hours while waiting to meet Evan.  Evan was a guy I hooked up with one night a few years ago right after my husband and I split up.  It had been over a year since I had sex, and Evan was cute enough.  Oddly enough, he kept trying to stay in touch with me over the years, even though he’s engaged now and we never had a repeat sexual performance.  Evan and I went out to eat.  While we had been friends online, we really hadn’t seen each other in person in years.  The conversation was dull.  He talked about magic cards, Pokeman Go, and video games.  All things I had no interest in.  I tried to be kind and waited for it to end.

Afterwards, I walked down to visit my Pennsylvania friends.  I had a good time with them.  Frank was also friendly to me.  I was relieved to not have to deal with any awkwardness there!  I didn’t stay for long because it was getting dark and I was tired.

When I returned to my tent, I chatted with Kyle.  He was talking about next year’s camping/hiking event already.  He had lots of ideas.  It meant a lot that he assumed we’d still be together and that he’d be camping with me!

Relationships – yes

Meditation – yes

Mood – varied


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