Friday July 29, 2016

I awoke early, did what I could to straighten up my apartment, and left.  The drive was long and uneventful.  In discussing where everyone in the one section of the campground would be camping, one man gave us significant problems.  He is usually the one to cause problems.  I even lost my temper with him and told him off.  Not that it did any good.  We finally got everything squared away around 7:30pm.  It was just enough time to set up my tent before dark.  I was proud of myself because I was able to lift the heavy canvas with the metal frame to put the final tent poles lifting it up all by myself!  My back strength must have improved!  However, since it had been a year since I set up my large tent, I did it incorrectly.  So I had to put it all together again and could not lift it a second time.  I asked Aaron and Zak for help.  They were kind enough to help me.

I emptied the entire car into the tent, unrolled my sleeping bags, and slept on the ground.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – yes

Mood – neutral other than when my temper came out, frustrated about my tent


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