Monday July 25, 2016

I awoke with Kyle in my arms. It didn’t take us long before we had morning sex.  We made our relationship “Facebook official”. It took a little convincing because he was concerned about how people would react, since we have a decent age gap between us. He expected some people to “warn him “ about me. Honestly, only two people said anything. One was a friend of his who already suspected that we were dating. The other was Kyle’s ex. It was clear that she was bothered about it and told him she thought I wasn’t his type. Realizing after a very short time that she wasn’t going to talk him out of it, she stopped talking to him. With the way she treated him, I really wouldn’t complain if she disappeared from his life. He seems to be under the impression that they’re still good friends. Or maybe he wants to keep up that impression until he gets the rest of his stuff back from her.

Anyway, Kyle and I spent the majority of the day cuddling, talking, hanging out, and occasionally, having more sex. It was a wonderfully relaxing day Around 5:00, we left the motel room, had dinner, and saw a movie together. During dinner, I felt like we had kind of run out of things to say to each other. It felt awkward to me, but it seemed like he felt like it was a comfortable silence. The movie was fun, but he commented on how loud I laughed during the movie. Honestly, he laughs loudly the rest of the time, which is what I told him. We got back to the motel, had sex again and drifted off to sleep.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – yes

Mood – good


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