Tuesday July 26, 2016

Kyle and I awoke on opposite sides of the bed today. That didn’t last long. Once we both awoke, due to some jerk revving up their motorcycle right outside the room, we both started cuddling again. I couldn’t get back to sleep, but Kyle looked like he was capable of it, so I started my meditation. When I was done, he started to snore, so I got up, ate breakfast, and did as much of my workout as my back would allow. It wasn’t much. I left so I could go to court for my traffic tickets that I got a few weeks ago. I was surprised but pleased that one got thrown out and the other got reduced significantly. It was really ideal. I also printed out the applications for those jobs I wanted to apply to. I heard back from two of the three people I had asked to give me letters of recommendation. I texted one of them and hope to hear back from her soon.

At one point Kyle hinted that he only wants to have one kid. I told him I wanted more than one. I could see this becoming a problem in the future, but we have been officially dating for less than a week, so I saw no point in arguing about it yet. Hell, just the fact that I’m dating someone that wants kids and sees marrying me as a definite possibility so early in the relationship actually seems like a good thing. Normally that would scare me off, but for some reason with him, it was comforting.

In the afternoon, I took Kyle on a bunch of errands that he needed to run. We had fun doing them together. Then we went to our friends house to hang out. As we sat on the couch, he held my hand. At one point, he kissed me on the cheek when he was passing by me. I was pleased since he said he didn’t like to do public displays of affection that much. We all decided to go on a hike. I brought my backpack to practice getting used to the weight before the camping/hiking event and it broke. It was a simple fix and Zak sent me to his basement because he had exactly what I needed to fix it. However, it took me a long time to find what I needed. By that time, everyone had continued on without me and I was in a foul mood because of it. I sat on Zak and Danielle’s couch and caught up on my blogs, trying to improve my mood for when everyone came back. It didn’t work. I wasn’t angry, I was more depressed and frustrated. I was also concerned that my backpacking pack was starting to fall apart right before the big camping/hiking event that starts later this week. I wasn’t looking forward to Kyle seeing me in a mood, but I suppose it had to happen sooner or later. I just hoped he would react well.

While I waited, I thought of the people who were absent in “liking” our relationship status on Facebook. Obviously, Kyle’s ex was absent, as was my ex-husband (whom Kyle is still friends with on Facebook). But so was Frank and Aaron, as well as both of my sisters. Well, maybe I was reading into it too much. Maybe they hadn’t seen it. I’m sure Frank was disappointed because he had talked of hanging out at the camping/hiking event. And I hope we still do, as friends. However, while it was unintentional, it almost seems like karma fro what happened last year. He had given me the wrong impression and I got hurt because of it. Now he would not get to have sex with me this year. He was so subtle in asking about it, I’m not even sure that’s what he had meant. I suppose I could always feign ignorance. That might be the best bet anyway.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – yes

Mood – varied


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