Thursday July 14, 2016

I got up early, tried to remember everything that I needed to pack, and left.  On my way to my middle sister’s place, I tried to think about how things with Kyle would go when I see him again.  I have decided that I will make the first move for cuddling, but that I would let him make the first move for sex.  Don’t get me wrong, I brought protection, just in case, and I really wanted to, but I wanted to let him make that decision.  I didn’t want to be the one who always made the first moves.  If he wanted it, he would have to.  But I hoped he did.  My trip was, long, uneventful, and very beautiful.

My sister was there.  We went swimming in a beautiful lake.  It was a lot of fun!  We enjoyed spending time together.  She caught me up in her concerns.  I decided not to tell her about my guy problems.  It seems like I tell everyone I know about whatever guy problem I’m experiencing because I’m often feeling so much and it’s all I can think about.  Yes, I know it’s not healthy.  But at least I’m not burdening anyone else with my problems and I’m able to put them aside, wait until he’s ready, and try and enjoy myself and my time with my family.

We went back to her place and she introduced me to one of her favorite TV shows.  It was very addicting and we watched several episodes before her husband came home late.  He has to keep very odd hours for work.  They went to bed when he got home, which was fine with me because I was very tired as well.  On and off during the marathon, Kyle messaged me.  He had another bad day at work so I did my best to help him feel better.  We chatted on various other things before I told him I was going to bed.  He wished me good night, by name, and I wished him the same.  I went to sleep, happy with that.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – yes

Mood – great


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