Friday July 15, 2016

I awoke very early.  I tried to go back to sleep, and I failed.  I got up, meditated, made breakfast, and was in the middle of working out before my sister and her husband got up.  We decided to go for a hike today.  We walked for about a minute or two down the trail when the flies came out.  I had brought a hat, but my sister’s husband didn’t.  The flies loved his black hair and he was bitten several times.  We decided to abandon our hike and went to the movies instead.

I took them to a late lunch afterwards.  That’s when Kyle came online, complaining about his job again.  I tried to chat with him without being rude to my sister and her husband.  The food didn’t agree with me, so I requested that we go back to their place.  I laid on the couch, feeling my intestines dealing with whatever food irritated them.  I requested that we continue watching that TV series that we started before.  My sister’s husband didn’t like it, so he decided to go out and do laundry.  When he was gone, my sister requested that we watch something he would enjoy when he returns.  After a few hours, I was feeling better, but I was still tired.  I tried hard to nap, but I was just too interested in the television.

We ate dinner, then went out for ice cream.  We watched a movie together.  However, about a quarter of the way through the movie, Kyle messaged me, asking what we wanted to do for dinner when I was up there.  I told him if he wanted to get out I could take him out for dinner, but if he was tired after a long day of work, that we could just as easily eat in.  He mentioned watching a movie together at his house before.  He asked if I wanted to go out to see a movie with him, like a date. I asked him if he wanted it to be one.  Kyle said dating, but not exclusively. Then it almost sounded like he was trying to convince me that it was a good idea.  He said that we were talking every day, there for each other when we needed it.  I said that’s fine.  He told me he’s still slightly connected with his ex.  I told him that I understood which was why I wanted to wait.  He also made me promise that I would try not to go head over heels into this.  I told him that’s what I’ve been doing, with the online dating and stuff.  He promised the same (because we really are so much alike that he knows that we both do that).  I told him about Frank’s insinuation a week or two ago about hooking up at that backpacking/camping event that I attend.  I told him that should help.

I was super excited and happy and floored.  I felt like it was the first step.  I hoped there would be more in the future, but I also knew that I had to try not to focus on it.  I wanted to get to sleep early to make sure Kyle had a good time with me tomorrow, but my heart was overflowing with happiness and excitement.  I thanked God, the Universe, whatever for allowing something good like this to happen for me.  I eventually drifted off to sleep, very happy.

Relationships – yes

Meditation – yes

Mood – great


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