Monday June 27, 2016

I awoke extremely early.  I wanted to work out and pack and prepare my food and clean my apartment a little before I left.  I was stopping by my mom’s house to visit with my youngest sister and her family before driving almost five hours to visit the area I went to college.  I hit the snooze for far too long.  At 5:30 I received a text from Carl, “Hey beautiful, I hope you get this text.”  I asked him what happened and was surprised to receive a call from him.

Carl apologized for the weekend.  He said his phone went crazy and would let him send or receive calls or texts.  He went to his phone store late in the afternoon on Sunday.  They did a bunch of things and told him it would take a few hours to work.  He said he got a text from his father late on Sunday, but figured it would be too late to call or text. We talked for a good half hour straight about various topics and then the conversations became sexual in nature.  We ended up having phone sex.  Around 6:30, we got cut off.  I sent him a text and told him it was just as well because I had things I needed to get done before I left.

Needless to say, I ended up running late to my mom’s house.  I lied and told her that my cat got out.  I did the bare minimum of what I needed to do and then left.  I managed to spend a little over a half an hour with my youngest sister and her family before I left again.  It was good to see them, but I was out of pleasant niceties around the same time that I  left. She’s about 8 years younger than me, so we never were as close as me and my middle sister.

I got to my friend Andie’s house around 6:00pm.   I always knew that her level of neatness was never on par with mine, but it had truly gotten downright disgusting.  As long as I had known her, she had typically been messy.  However, with a four-bedroom house, she had very little uncovered by junk.  Our of the four couches I saw, one had enough space for one person to sit.  Most rooms had only a pathway meant for walking free.  The kitchen was worse.  There wasn’t even a path for walking in some areas.  However, her guest room was decent.  There was a bed with clean sheets.  Most of the floor was clear too, albeit visibly covered in cat hair.

She had some errands to run and to pick up her daughter.  I caught up on my blog and went to sleep.


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