Wednesday June 8, 2016

I awoke early, as usual, but couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed until significantly later.  I did the bare minimum to get myself ready for work and left.  I had a lot to do when I first arrived at school, but I quickly got all my work done.  I didn’t hear much at all from Carl throughout the course of the day yesterday.  He said he was busy and gave some very good reasons why he was.  And yet, I decided to see how much he wanted to talk to me, so I decided to not contact him at all today.  I checked my phone periodically throughout the day and saw that he had never even looked at Facebook yet that day.  He had gone 14 hours without looking at it.  Then, I’m assuming he checked it during his lunch break, because it said he was online then.  However, I did not receive a message.  I was, thankfully very busy throughout the whole day.  I had manged to finish almost all of my grading for the end of the year among many other things that I had intended to do.

I think I had mentioned before that my school was cutting my position back from full-time to three days a week.  I had decided to stay at that school and do the best I can to make up the lost income.  Surprisingly, I had found an opening for an art teacher for 2 days a week!  I had my interview in the afternoon.  It seemed to go really well and they did seem interested in hiring me.  They said they did have other applicants to check out but that I’d know within a few weeks if I got the position or not.  It seemed positive.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted.  I had things that I meant to do.  The litter box needed to be scooped, dishes needed to be done, and I really needed to straighten up.  Of course, none of that happened, because I sat on my couch, watched a movie, drank a beer, and overanalyzed my interview and why I hadn’t heard from Carl.  Even though it was only one beer, I was buzzed enough to loosen my resolve and messaged him with a “hey”.  He said he always looked forward to hearing from me and was disappointed that his day had been so busy that he had not had the time to message me either.  Somehow, I was satisfied with that answer and we begun conversing again. I’m not sure why, but I decided to lead the conversation down a sexual road.  Even after the discussion, he ended it with “when you’re comfortable.”  After Diego exerting so much pressure on me to have sex, it meant so much to me to read those words!  I fell asleep while still chatting with him.


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