Sunday May 29, 2016

I awoke early knowing that I had a lot to do today.  I got a lot done.  I did the laundry, caught up on grading papers, went food shopping, and started cleaning up several weeks worth of grime and clutter around my apartment.  Carl was busy with work, so he couldn’t talk most of the day.  He chatted in the evening though.

I started to run out of steam about midday, so I watched a movie.  And that turned into two movies. I chatted more with Carl because we were supposed to go hiking tomorrow and it’s supposed to rain. We decided that we’d just meet somewhere and figure out what we were going to do from there.  Since the trail is nearer my place, I suggested we meet at my place and go from there.  He assented.

He’s coming over to my place tomorrow!  I had so much to do!  I had so little time and energy to do it in! Shit, what if he wants to kiss me?  What if I don’t want to kiss him?  What if I do want to kiss him?  What if it’s just awkward?  What if we have a great time?  What if he’s expecting sex?  What if I decide I want sex too?  I tried to get as much done as possible, but I started to get tired by about 10:30. My apartment didn’t end up looking too great by the time I went to bed, but I did make some serious headway.  And I hoped I would still have time in the morning to get more done.


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