Possible Pregnancy?

Things are going interestingly for me, as always. My relationship with Diego only seems to be improving with time.  I find this to be interesting because it doesn’t follow the typical pattern of relationship phases.  I am quite happy with him.  We have really worked out all of the problems as far as I can tell and are at a point where we are just enjoying each other. My school had to make some budget cuts and they reduced my full-time job to 3 days a week.  I’m not sure how they’re going to manage that with my schedule, but that’s not my problem.  I also have to decide if I want to stick it out with this particular school district or if I want to look for a full-time job.  There are benefits and drawbacks to each.  I have until next Monday to decide.

And now comes to the point of this post.  I’m sure you already know that I’ve already had one pregnancy scare due to a late period.  However, this time I haven’t quite missed the period yet, so I can’t even really check.  I don’t know why I would think that I’m pregnant except that I think I am.  I have even been super careful with sex and haven’t had even had a condom break.  I will say that my body has been doing a number of weird things lately, so I looked up some preliminary signs of early pregnancy:

1. Shortness of breath.  I am in poor shape, haven’t been exercising recently, and I quit smoking a few months ago.  When I experience shortness of breath, it could be any of these reasons.

2. Sore breasts. Yeah, they’re sore, but they usually are before I get my period anyway.  However, I will say they’ve been sore for longer this time around.

3. Fatigue. I have hypothyroidism and fatigue just comes with the territory.

4. Nausea. I have been nauseous lately.  It usually starts mid-afternoon and continues until a little after dinner.  I had just had a bit of congestion from a cold I must be getting over.  I had assumed that the congestion was causing the nausea.

5. Frequent urination. I had been urinating more frequently, but I have also been trying to hydrate better, so I would assume I would be urinating more frequently.

6. Headaches. Nope. I haven’t had any.

7. Backaches. I already have back problems and it’s been raining for about a week straight where I live, so of course my back hurts.

8. Crampy. Sure, I’ve had a few random pains, but they weren’t particularly long or painful.

9. Cravings or food aversions. I have to say that this has been very true.  I usually love a specific fast food restaurant and I had no desire to eat anything from it.  There was also a day when my school cafeteria made one of my favorite foods, a meatball sub.  However, I tasted something in it that I never tasted it before.  Then there was one day where I ate two full dinners.  I stopped at a pizza place and bought an extra large slice and several garlic knots.  Then I decided I also wanted a wrap, large fries, and small chocolate ice cream at a different place.  I have no idea how I fit it all in my stomach, but within about a half hour, I managed to eat all of it.  Normally, I’d be full after eating one of the two.  It could just be my thyroid hormones are out of wack or something, though.

10. Constipation and bloating. Well, I certainly have been constipated, but I just figured it was from all the foods I had been eating.  I wouldn’t have even noticed if I was bloating because I had gained a lot of weight over the past week alone.

11. Mood swings. This is one issue I haven’t had.  I find that odd considering that the whole purpose of this blog was to deal with my depression!  I have even stopped taking my mood supplements, so I kind of expected it!

12. Elevated Basal Body Temperature. Who even has the time or energy to keep track of this stuff?  That and I have nothing to even compare it to.

13. Super Smell. I’m not experiencing any additional sense of smell, but definitely an increased sense of taste.

14. Dizziness or fainting. Thankfully, I’m not experiencing this one!

15. Spotting. No.  Usually this is a sign I’m about to get my period, but I haven’t experienced any spotting at all.

16. Late period. I’m going to give it until the end of this week.  My periods aren’t quite regular.  Because of the stress I had been feeling lately with my dance production performances and the downsizing of my job, it’s also possible that the stress has affected my period.  It wouldn’t be the first time.

So, as you can see, I’m experiencing several signs of early pregnancy, but I have reasons for most of them. I’m not in denial as I actually think I am pregnant.  I think this post is kind of a representation of the war between my logic and intuition.  There are several logical explanations for several of these symptoms, but not all of them.  I suppose I can go back and forth on this logic vs. intuition thing.  The waiting is the most difficult part.  Well, I’ll take the test on Saturday morning and will let you know the results.  If it’s positive, I’ll likely be posting a lot more on here, assuming any of you are still reading my occasional updates.


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